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  1. Any preferences as to style or functions? You have plenty of options looking at/around $10k... pretty much any current stainless steel sports Rolex model other than the DSSD.
  2. Tudor is Rolex's "lower-tier" brand. They somewhat less expensive, although still thousands of dollars. They are fantastic watches with the same Rolex quality. The only difference is that many of them use ETA movements, rather than in-house Rolex movements (although there are some Tudors with in-house movements.
  3. I thought this was a fascinating article on the connexion between Bond and the Rolex Submariner. Apparently Timothy Dalton was the last Bond to wear it. After that what did Pierce Brosnan wear? Was it an Omega? Happy reading! Bonding With Time – The Wristwatches of James Bond
  4. Yes, not necessarily fake. A cursory glance at the Rolex website shows that they do make a model called the"Date" which is different from the "Datejust." Take a look for yourself and see if you find a dial similar to the one you've been looking at. Exact reference numbers help when it comes to these sorts of things so make sure you can get that before you enter into the buying phase.
  5. So what does that mean? It's a fake watch?
  6. I think your Mark Flieger looks great. The history of the flieger is enough of a reason to get behind this one. Enjoy!
  7. I think retail on the Santoni is either $450 or $460.
  8. London Jewelers in Manhassat, NY. Ask for Angelo. Very good selection of IWC, competitive prices and top notch service. I bought from them a month ago and have been pleased.
  9. They look great. A familiar story too, after deciding to get a new watch I now have 2 boxes, need 3rd and my most wanted list is very similar , minus the big zero and add a couple you have ,mainly the boctok tankist 3133 and the sputnik. Congratulations , best order your 4th box now :).
  10. jmmm interesting... not sure about the new hands though... the inner bezel's crown looks narrow compared to the first generation of K34 right?
  11. Thanks a lot for the answer guys, much apreciated!! But any sugestions regarding the square slava, may be you know some seller who could source me the glass?
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