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  1. more pix or you just picked up a case back
  2. That brown dial is gorgeous. I have a 145 022 from 1970 which just oozes character, it has the original bracelet which is very light and comfortable to wear. I work in a metal shop and have my speedy as my daily beater, the plastic crystal takes everything I throw at it and if it gets scratched I just buff it back to perfection on the polishing wheel. Go vintage
  3. Lovely story, great watch and a job well done, thanks for sharing.
  4. It arrived and after cleaning out an unimaginable amount of "gunk" from the bracelet and case construction she's beginning to look OK. I will be replacing the glass and she will be sent for a full service... Despite being such a large watch it's surprisingly comfortable and keeps excellent.
  5. GMT Autavia, good choice!!
  6. It just arrived! Pics at the weekend
  7. Just pulled the trigger on a speedmaster Mk 4.5 It's in the postal system and the waiting is eating me up. Any love on the forum for this model ???
  8. love that railmaster, looks like it's on the "got to get" list
  9. 1675-David

    Whats This?

    I was out sledging in the park with my son and missed the end of the auction, it went for 80USD!! I would have paid more....
  10. 1675-David

    Whats This?

    Great resource, thanks for the heads up Brian
  11. 1675-David

    Whats This?

    Thanks Ian fantastic information. Sitting here in Stockholm, it is in all likleyhood a Swedish army watch although the text on the back is no longer visible. Is this info available on the internet or are all these facts from memory???
  12. 1675-David

    Whats This?

    Found this locally and have never seen this model before, it's from 1939 and is built like a tank, quite small but loads of character. cal. 26,5 T3. according to the seller. can any of you guys contribute with a little more info?
  13. Perhaps I should just leave well alone. It's just the chip in the bezel thats started irritating me a bit but I think a new bezel insert would distract me even more!! I'll have to sleep on this one thanks for the links and your imput.
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