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    yep, too nice and it never gets worn. enjoy your watch!
  2. Happy birthday, and congrats on a very cool watch!
  3. Beautiful watch! One of my favorites. Enjoy. It definitely depends on where you are, and who you're with. Where I work in south Texas, Rolex is definitely the only luxury watch you see with any real frequency. The younger group is a lot of Subs and Explorers, but if you go to a nice dinner or a work function what you actually see more than anything are old model DayDates because everyone and their dog bought one during the oil boom in the 80s and most haven't changed since. Go just a few hours to one of the big cities like Houston or Austin and all of a sudden you see Pateks, APs, VCs, everything. Submariners suddenly become not only uncommon, but fairly pedestrian. It all depends on demographic and culture. I like my Submariner because it's a fantastic watch and it looks good on my wrist. If everyone in town suddenly started sporting a Hulk I might not be thrilled, but it wouldn't change why I like the watch.
  4. That's great the patient made a full recovery, Enjoy the weight back on the wrist.
  5. First, pics or it didn't happen Wear the watch for about a month and if you want to track it, then track it and if it's out of whack, take it to the AD or RSC.
  6. I recently purchased this watch at an Ebay auction for $1200 and it just came in. I don't have much experience in older Rolex watches and would like a second opinion. The dial on it looks nearly immaculate- no discoloration on it and does not have "Precision" written on the bottom half of the dial. The seconds hand sweeps, but the watch ticking sound can be heard from over a foot away. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me with this.
  7. Congratulations, and can't wait to see pictures!
  8. Interesting find while going through my mother's estate today. 3 small silver spoons from Rolex in Zurich? Don't have any back story on these, except that my grandfather was a prominent architect in my area in the 60's and 70's, travelled to Europe a few times, and was a man of great taste. Never did come across any watches of his, though. Anyway, has anyone seen this type of thing before? Are they just a gift shop trinket, or perhaps a gift with the purchase of a watch? Any avid Rolex collectors have anything similar? Here are some pics:
  9. I couldn't decide between the 36mm and the 39mm. Love them both for different reasons. And here they are all the way from London England:
  10. Since it's brand new with full kit, I think it's likely that this time he bought it from a credible grey-market dealer and just wants to be double-super sure it's fine. I myself am this close to buying one from Jomashop...
  11. Don't forget to try different rest position when you set it down. Your watch may actually be running at +-0 but may speed up overnight due to its position!
  12. I expected to see the watch marked 16800. I thought the rolex only made bi metal subs with the 16803 ref? Anyone got an insight into this? thanks paul t
  13. Thanks both. :) Got this bund off ebay (link here) as I wanted to see the outcome. Explorer is a very handsome watch... it looks good almost with everything As for strap change, once you are used to it, it's fairly easy :) Here are some different combinations:
  14. It's a great piece, very tactical!
  15. If it were me, I'd much rather have the Speedy Pro if the price were the same as I feel the value for the movement is a lot better with the Speedy Pro They are different watches though, so it comes down to whether you would rather have a hand winding chronograph, or an automatic pilot watch.
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