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  1. Depends how far the price drops on the current model. If they start selling at less the $2500 then that would persuade me to get a 1st gen
  2. I guess something has changed with RSC - in the past they would not work on watches that had been serviced outside of Rolex.
  3. I'd wait for the manufacture movement. Better specs, will make the watch more unique, and likely have better resale value than the ETA version should you want to sell down the line.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have much of a story to go with this one, but I traded an M-serial 16600 Seadweller plus a little cash for it. I acquired it several years ago from a member on TRF. Since that time, it has been around the world with me......diving in Italy and hiking in the Swiss alps. It is honestly one of my favorite watches. The silver date wheel, luminova dial and hands, splash of red, and sexy top-hat crystal........all those things just do it for me. The 1680 is just one of the greatest references IMHO.
  5. I've bought three Rolex's, all new from ADs, over the years, beginning in 1989. I bought a TT DJ from Ben Bridge in Sacramento and got something like a 10% discount off retail. In 2000, I bought a new SS Sub Date from Grebitus in Sacramento. I paid full retail but was given a year to pay at no interest. My last purchase was in 2006 from Barry Peterson in Ketchum, ID where they had an unsold SS GMT II from a couple years earlier and, as they were losing their Rolex dealership, they sold it to me for $2600. Because Rolex had a 2 year warranty at that point, I also got the longer warranty. I haven't been seriously interested in another Rolex since but I understand that discounts from ADs, especially for the steel sports watches, are nearly impossible. Maybe 5% if you're a known customer.
  6. Agreed. These photos are far better than their site / promo ones.
  7. Is it possible to change the date on the GMT II quickly like I'd do with my Datejust or Sub? If not what's the alternative to quickly change the date without having to do it one hour at a time? Thanks guys.
  8. Ouch - looks like an expensive repair. Hope you get it under warranty. Looking at it, it could be a bad design - long thin stem in such a big case and having such a large crown doing the physical turning??
  9. Jacob is THE MAN when it comes to making IWC Ingy straps. He's made two for my Plastiki and they are UNBELIEVABLY nice, at a very reasonable price too.
  10. Julian had some a few years ago. Could be worth sending him an email Poljot24 - Russische Qualitätsuhren | Poljot 24
  11. Aside from the noise clock works well. My knowledge does not allow me to make assumptions about any problems with the mechanism.
  12. But, is this russian? XD Jajaja any way I guess you are looking for a more technical advise that estethical one rigth? I guess more wise memeber will be able to tell exactly how is call this kind of (lung?) and help you
  13. I bought my second Amphibian this week. A 710634 Black dial scuba dude on a ministry. I got it with a NATO strap. I'm thinking of swapping the bezel. Who makes a good aftermarket bezel, that could use inserts?
  14. Hello comrade Russian speakers - you have your first customer. I would very much appreciate your opinion on the translation, correctness and authenticity of the engraving below: You have my thanks for any help and insight you may be generous to give
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