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  1. I can hear it, it's just much quieter than just about every other watch I've listened to. I have a family history of hearing loss. Maybe it's kicking in a bit early.
  2. Someone brought this up yesterday, but they titled the thread incorrectly. I've been wondering this for a few days, and I think this is the right place to ask. I'm not sure where I picked the habit up, but I always put a mechanical watch to my ear to hear if it is working. Yes, I can clearly see the seconds hand ticking away and I don't really know why I do it. So when my father got his new Submariner last week, I did the same thing. I couldn't hear it. I had to go into a quiet room and focus on the sound to hear the movement. I've been wondering why that is? Every other mechanical watch I've ever handled (other than modern a modern Rolex) has been easy to hear. Is this something more specific to the divers and the way they are sealed? Or do all modern Rolex watches have this muted sound from inside the case? I don't think the sales people at an AD would be thrilled I stopped by and started putting all their watches to my ears. Is there a difference in resonance between 316 and 904 steel? Do the thicker diver crystals make the difference? I personally like being able to hear the movement, but in theory, it seems it's better if I can't. I'm sure this doesn't warrant this level of discussion, but it's been at the back of my mind for a few days and there's no better place to ask.
  3. Hey guys, This past weekend my father was speaking to an old friend and the topic of watches came up. Not sure how one thing led to another, but his friend offered to send him an old Omega that he had sitting in a drawer. He mentioned that it didn't work, but my father said he would like to see it. I was worried that it might be fake, but it arrived today and it seems to be authentic. The watch itself seems fine despite not working, however the leather strap seems to be aftermarket and added later on. The strap is labelled Speidel, is 18mm and stamped Hong Kong. The booklet is dated August 1st, 1975 and cost 1600 rupees which was $161 dollars. I guess that seems about right, but again, I'm not sure. If any Omega experts could chime in, I would really appreciate it. I couldn't get to the movement because it seems to go in from the front and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm wondering if it should even be serviced or sent to someone in an attempt to get it running again. Not sure what that would cost and what it costs as is. I do actually like it, but I'm sure a service would be a few hundred dollars at the very least. Not sure if it is even worth it. I'm posting this on another forum as well and I appreciate any help I can get. Here are the pictures, Please let me know if there is anything else I can add besides these images. Thank you.
  4. Syed117

    Vintage Duo

    Took some shots of some recently acquired vintage Omegas and thought I would share. The Constellation is circa 1966 and was a gift from my father to my uncle many years ago. My uncle is ninety now and wanted my father to have it back. It was serviced some years ago and unfortunately the crown was replaced and fitted with one that doesn't exactly match the original. Would have been nice to have the original, but it's not that big an issue. The De Ville is circa 1971 and has given to my father from a friend who has no appreciation for watches and had it sitting in a box for years. Both are working and keeping fantastic time, but will be sent in for service sometime in the near future. They were in pretty rough shape when we got them and I definitely put in some time to make them look decent. The straps are new and I've wearing the De Ville regularly for the past few weeks.
  5. 9300 for me. Really like the ability to use the chronograph dial for a second time zone. Plus it looks much better on a strap. It's a lot more versatile in that respect. It's also a good amount less expensive (when bought from the trusted sellers here) and comes with a 4 year warranty as opposed to 2. Don't think either would have issues but it's nice to have in case something does happen.
  6. Interesting. Omega definitely needs a new standard box, but it all depends on how much of a price increase they are talking about. I wonder why it's only for the Speedy Pro. Their more expensive models should come in nicer boxes as well. The co-axial speedmaster should not come in a worse box than the standard pro.
  7. Syed117

    AT running fast

    Maybe it's just magnetized? Might want to try that first. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  8. I've had fantastic experiences in each omega boutique I've been in.
  9. Going through omega will be very expensive. I have a 1971 de ville with the 1002 movement. Omega quoted me $1200 plus parts for a service.
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