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  1. CEG

    Liquidmetal Seamaster

    As discussed Nathan, Omega wasn't my thing when I had my Orange PO, but this looks a cracker! Bet you're chuffed Cheers
  2. Can anyone recommend any Orange straps to fit!?
  3. CEG

    My dream has come true

    I had the steel variant, but I must say, this is something else!!! WOW.
  4. CEG

    Iwc 3795

    IWC novice here! IMO - a really lovely looking piece... Limited to only 500.. How will it hold up money wise do you think guys..? UK list is circa £8K. IWC.jpg
  5. Superb - I love the brown face on brown croc strap
  6. Tell him to get a 16610 Sub instead
  7. Just brilliant ! Great find, great story, and by the sounds of it - great owner !! Well done
  8. Truly OUTSTANDING Bo - very enjoyable even for a novice like me - thanks again, this forum is awesome thanks to the posts from people like yourself..
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