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  1. Just took this shot, and it sums up all the reasons I love this reference, and mine in particular. Domed plexi, matte dial, eggshell patina, chunky yet elegant case, rattly yet ultra-comfortable 9315 bracelet, and silver date wheel. Mine is far from the most amazing example of the 1665, but that just means I can wear it and not have to worry about it.
  2. Takes a bit if the sting off, I would say, yes! Happy birthday to you and Congratulations!
  3. Yes! The many changes (and I think variations) were throwing me in trying to date it.
  4. I have noticed the insane prices of the Tudor Black Bays that are being sold on this forum and else where. I find these prices to be absolutely fabulous for those doing the buying but I do feel that the sellers one day will be wishing that they held on to those Black Bays that they once eagerly sold. You ask why, I tell you why, the Black Bay either red or blue is an ultimate example of a fine watch design, of the perfect balance of polished chrome and brushed, of the perfect balance of vintage and current. Lets face it, it is a looker. If I had known that prices would have come down lik
  5. Personally I'm never going to wear my Pelagos on anything other than the bracelet, that thing is a work of art. But I'm really digging the Camo Natos! Sent from one of my four iPads
  6. On sublv. Feeling better yet?
  7. While I have absolutely no doubts that I'll get both eventually in 12 months' time, question is which to buy first NOW. SBDX012 bnib costs about $2,430 while BB (bracelet) costs $2,530 bnib. Any recommendations will be appreciated, thanks! *Pics taken from Google*
  8. 1964 gilt(yeah-its hard to tell from this pic. gilt hands too)/enamel dial:
  9. That's a nice looking chronograph. Congrats on your new IWC!
  10. I have the same size wrist, and while I love the 7-day, it just wears too chunky for my wrist, at least for my taste. Plus, as much as I love the silver dial with blue on the 7-day, I have a pet peeve against contrasting bright white date windows that interrupt the warmth of silver dials. So if I were to get the 7-day, I would go with the black dial because the dark dial might wear a tad smaller to the eye, and the date wheel matches. But on the dateless Portuguese chronograph this is not a concern, and the watch will fit better. Of course, you're giving up the manufacture movement, which
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    Sometimes called a 'Twist O Flex', checkout the Hadley - Roma webiste.
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