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  1. Thanks for your reply. So this will not be a problem wearing? Watch looks also genuine right?
  2. what Jason said.* I got my 50yr old rolex serviced by my independent (who has many years of Rolex experience) for <$300 and he fabricated the cannon pinion that he needed for the slipping minute hand.
  3. It should be mentioned that, at least at the moment, only the Tudor North Flag and blue Pelagos models use the new in-house movement.
  4. I'm still very happy with the DSSD. I have both the DSSD and Pelagos, the Pelagos is in a different league for lume but the DSSD is pretty good (as good as a PO 8500 imo). The lume on a DSSD should last a lot longer than an hour. The DSSD lume colour is slightly greener/blue compared to the "clean blue" Pelagos. One thing to keep in mind is there are not many watches out there with lume as good as the Pelagos. Even the Omega Seamaster 2254.50 (which had the best lume I've ever owned) is not as bright as the Pelagos.
  5. There is also the microadjustment inside the clasp, have you used that too?
  6. Hey fellas. Please tell me why this particular timepiece 117610BLNR Rolex GMT costs the same if not more from grey dealers than it does from authorized dealers. What should a person expect to pay for a brand-new one? Any special stories around this watch besides the normal GMT story? Thanks.
  7. Congrats! I just picked up a Red Grape 114300 over the weekend. I agree with everything you said: a very simple, understated, and impressively built watch. I plan to write up a review this weekend and take more pictures. I've always been a fan of the Explorer but never warmed up to the dimensions on the 39 version. I really like how the hands extend all the way to the appropriate track and are perfectly sized for the dial. Mine says hello!
  8. It's really up to you and what you prefer. I've seen Google pictures of root beer GMT's on various brown straps - nato, cordovan leather, suede, genuine animal, etc. They all look good imo.
  9. There's a good AD an hour South in Santa Clara. I PM'd the OP.
  10. Olivegary

    IWC 378901.

    Really good price
  11. I also have a BLNR and SD4k. Was thinking the IWC would ad some variety.
  12. Jacob Straps makes some nice aftermarket straps for the Ingenieur. http://www.jacobstraps.com/js2c-corr...alligator.html
  13. Olivegary

    First IWC

    Very different watches. Do you want a diver or a chrono? Leather strap or steel bracelet?The 3714 is less expensive by a decent margin after dealer discounts.
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