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  1. Adam, I use dishwashing liquid and a soft toothbrush. It really makes the stainless steel sparkle!
  2. Was your LV always running that fast ever since you got it, or did it just start doing this?
  3. I have always felt that the pleasure I get from wearing a Rolex watch can not be calculated in terms of dollars.
  4. JJ, a truly impressive piece of engineering by Rolex!
  5. Marcia, welcome to TRF and congratulations on your new DJ!
  6. Marcia, don't have any champagne dials, but just wanted to welcome you to TRF!
  7. Very nice Paul .... have fun taking the watches apart tonight!
  8. Hang in there Paul ...... I'm sure you will succeed!
  9. Gaby, got to love that blue!
  10. Wayne, very lovely collection you have there. And you have watches for all occasions ... dressy, casual, sporty!
  11. rfknauss

    Finally got it!!!

    Beautiful addition to an already outstanding collection.
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