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  1. Is stretch inevitable in all Rolex models on a bracelet or just the models without SEL?
  2. This thread and your wife's gift has me studying up on polygamy...would she like a second husband? I'm over 60, but I'd be happy to accept a belated gift...
  3. Yes it really does depend on where you hang out. At an IT conference last year, I was in a tutorial room with about 80 other people. I spotted 4 Explorer IIs all of them the 16570 polar and three Subs, two with date and one no date. There was one Daytona in the room. Tag Heuers of various models were also well represented. I was actually wearing my Casio at the time! I didn't see any Pateks, AL&S, VCs, APs nor JLCs, but then I guess those watches may not fit in with how IT engineers perceive themselves. If they did own such a watch, they'd probably keep it for formal occasions. I do for my JLC. Young to middle-aged men who are reasonably active would probably tend to gravitate towards the Subs and Explorers in the Rolex range, and as we can see from this forum and other similar forums the Submariner range is probably the most popular of Rolex's watches. So it should not surprise if you run into a Rolex, chances are it will be a Submariner date or no-date. I think the Datejust is quite "common" as well.
  4. do either of them touch the bezels underside and hinder it's movement?
  5. Wow, "3" post count and this comment makes you sound like a jerk, so I guess welcome to WUS and best wishes on your thread lol. There is also a sub-forum called "Fake Busters" where you may get more help when it comes to questions of legitimacy. Be prepared to upload many pictures of high resolution.
  6. I wouldnt worry too too much about the cyclops being off a half a degree. Whatever you do, don't use a 10x loupe as you'll probably find more imperfections. :) My BLNR and explorer ii 216570 had squeeky bracelets initially too. Goes away in a week. My subC had no squeek. congrats on your new watch.
  7. Has anyone seen the new Black Pelagos available in the US yet? My AD told me today that Tudor told him he wont be getting a shipment until December. :( Curious if any have made it over here yet...
  8. Congratulations and thank you for the review. Mine says hi!
  9. redial. and a bad one at that. check the spelling of Schaffhausen!
  10. Hi guys, I'm in the market for my first IWC, and my heart is set on a Portuguese 3714. I feel like the retail price is a bit much, and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good dealer who can offer discount pricing? I live in Toronto, Canada and am wide open to suggestions. Thanks a bunch! Matt
  11. Knurlling

    IWC R810 cal 89

    Hi, found this R810 calibre 89 from 1966, which happens to be my year of birth. I am fairly new on vintage watches in general and in IWC in particular. Like this a lot from the pictures. Anyone that could chip in with regards to condition, original, repaints etc? thanx!
  12. I was in that kind of decision before , 3777 vs Big Pilot 5004........... Finally, it turned out to Big Pilot 5002 instead. Congrats Simons194.... Mine says Hi !! Don't forget to show your wrist shot :)
  13. I have recently inherited this watch from my uncle. I'm having a difficult time finding any information about it. I have visited IWC and been told the only registration information would be found inside the watch. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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