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  1. Sorry to hear about you watch issues. But welcome to TRF!
  2. eric23

    My first Omega!

    Nice watch, Congrats!!
  3. eric23

    New Moon Watch

    Thanks I really like it.
  4. eric23

    New Moon Watch

    Good Day All, I got a new watch a few months ago, a Moon Watch! Here are a few pics. Take Care, Eric
  5. eric23

    New PO 45.5

    Congrats on the new watch!
  6. Congrats, That is a must have for sure!
  7. Nice watch! Congrats! I like the Dial!
  8. eric23

    Speedy Co-axial

    Looks like a nice Watch!
  9. eric23

    Rolex overpriced?

    I love my Milgauss! I ware it a lot, a real nice watch! I thought it was a good deal, There are a lot more costly Rolex's out there.
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