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  1. Just got back from a vacation in Carmel CA...while their I stopped by a nice little watch shop that was a Rolex, Tudor and Cartier AD..... The sales rep that was helping me just got a two tone Tudor for himself, so we started talking about the brand and the new IN House movements coming out. he informed me that the Gen 1 Pelagos will be discounted by 30% once the new version hits the stores.
  2. Just did the same on mine and yes there's a tiny shifting down when I push the bezel as u did on your video...
  3. Did you contact DavidSW.
  4. It's all relative to your wrist size, I do think the new 36mm DJs can accommodate up to 7.5" wrists without looking strange.
  5. Right with you on this one, Dan! I don't know if I could ever sell my Black Bay Red!
  6. I have Milgauss now...but I have several thoughts for swapping...but don´t know which one. I had Explorer I 39mm, no date 14060m, 16570 white..and now Milgauss..better be a scientist from CERN or back to climber..or..diver? Which one I had to choose? Unfortunately Ceramic models are out of my budget. My combo is now Omega Speedmaster pro moon - legend ...and what will be better to my combo?
  7. Quick Update - 5 days in, at 8:30:00 on my PC, watch registered at 8:29:40 so 17 seconds over 5 days = avg 3.4 seconds / day. PR ranged from 5 - 6.5
  8. Hi, Can anyone offer any advice on where I could source an original Kevlar strap for a IW378601 (PILOTS DOPPEL CHRONOGRAPH CERAMIC) ad roughly how much such a strap may cost??? Thanks
  9. Pardon if I can find this info elsewhere. I used to remember there being an effective Google search bar on this site, but it seems to not exist anymore. I am considering buying either a Pilot Chrono 3777 or a Big Pilot later this year. I have some skinny ass wrists at 6.5". I think the BP will be too big for me, but it just looks so nice and bad ass that I want it. I currently only have one watch - an Omega SMP 2254.50, which I think is 41mm. Do any guys out there own a BP and have a small wrist? My head is telling me to settle for the Pilot Chrono as it's still a big watch but will fit me b
  10. Check out the Baume & Mercier world time watch. Not nearly as attractive as the IWC variant, but it supposedly uses the IWC world time module; that's why it's retail price is so high. Anyway, the B&M can be had for very deep discounts. heb
  11. IWC OEM straps made to work with either tang or deployment, I've gone back and forth on a few I have, there is no issue whatsoever. If you in doubt, have the boutique folks put it on the watch for you, so you can decide, they are normally cool with it
  12. I've read lug-to-lug is 47mm. But I don't own the watch, so probably best to let a 3714 owner measure it and reply.
  13. Yes, jomashop is one of, if not the biggest gray market dealer in the U.S. They are legit, and if I was going to buy the 3239 I would buy from them without hesitation. Though I'd probably take their price to an AD first and ask how close the AD can really get to it. I would certainly pay $4,000, maybe a little more, to purchase the watch in hand from an AD. But at some point the price gap is too large to ignore.
  14. Almost all of the Russian mechanical alarm watches that I've seen use the same manual-winding Poljot 2612 movement, so any higher price paid is for other considerations, such as case style or material, dial, hands, and so on. I recommend you pick the one you like the most.
  15. Glad to help. I am no expert and still consider myself a beginner, but you'd be surprised how quickly you can learn on these forums. I wouldn't worry what other people think about your watch, especially in regard to size. If the belief that it's a ladies watch draws attention to your piece, then you have a conversation starter and an opportunity to educate someone else on men's watch styles of the 1950s. You sound a lot like me when I started, and it's probably no secret that I share your enthusiasm for the 2209s. But be careful or else, before you know it, you'll be drowning in over 400
  16. Glad to hear you managed to fixed the issue. Gotta try tomorrow if my tank clock also has this ring. Ive been wanting to remove the dead spiders and webs for ages but didnt manage to figure out how to disassemble the bezel with glass from the case.
  17. Maybe the type 350 won the award. it looks like it's gone quite a few miles! Very cool and looks completely authentic. Nice pickup.
  18. Yes ! There are 2 newer models of Komandirskie with mineral crystals. Look for these models : 861xxx 869xxx - these 2 models are the same case: one is chromed brass and the other is brass with a protective coating - these also have 20mm strap size. 641xxx - these are deceptive; at first glance they appear to be made the same as all the other Komandirskies, but if you look clos you will notice that
  19. That one is indeed a 24 hour watch. Behind the 24 hour dial is a matching 2431 movement. Great news to many of us, as that movement hasn't been offered in Vostok watches for many years. Until recently, the only way to get a new watch with this movement was to buy a much more expensive 24 Hour Volmax Sturmanskie.
  20. Just thought I would take a couple of shots of these two today.
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