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  1. Is each watch really assembled by hand, and does it really take one year? I thought that was just marketing hype.
  2. It looks similar to my old ref. 25018100. It was my first new Omega bought around 2001. I sold sold it a few mns ago and kind of regret it now :( Though mine has more pronounced crown protectors - not sure what they are called exactly.
  3. Watchmutt

    SM or Speedy?

    First get a Speedy Pro. Then the question becomes, for my next watch do I get a SM or something else?
  4. Hesalite. It is really easy to maintain.
  5. Looking forward to the movie and the watch..
  6. Watchmutt

    Made a mistake...

    That's a great ending. Enjoy that watch.
  7. Loctite makes a sleeve retainer compound for non-threaded pins. Search for Loctite 640.
  8. Thanks! I was thinking about snapping a picture with the Shuttle in the background, but I decided to do a cell phone video instead.
  9. Looking out to Moffett Field, my SMP waits for the shuttle to fly by on its jumbo ride - which it did 10 minutes later, low and slow right over our building.
  10. That size looks good on you. I love the PO!
  11. Very nice. What was done to it?
  12. I had a Day Date once. I can't wear anything much larger than a 42mm, but the Day-Date looked kindof small compared to my Speedy Pro. But if you need all the complications, then for the price, the Day Date is hard to beat. Here is a picture of mine just before I sold it on eBay.
  13. Watchmutt

    New Speedy

    Thats a nice pair.
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