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  1. Glad you got your PO back. I sold mine and I want it back as well.
  2. Love the bracelet... It's my favorite part of the PO. It has enough heft but is svelte!
  3. Had a planet ocean for a little over 6 months, NO scratch on outside AR coating.
  4. That's my desktop! Oh man, I'm beginning to miss my PO again. Like you, I sold it to fund the Panerai 312 fund.
  5. The PO has lugs that protrude. It's tough to pull it off properly without the thing hanging out of your wrist if you go too big in my experience. If you're 7 and under, I think 42mm is good size. If you're over 7, you can pull off the 45.5mm. The post above mine (Mike B) is THE way a 45.5mm is supposed to look. It's not a Panerai, it's not supposed to be big on the wrist. BTW, when I owned a PO, I had the 42mm for my slightly sub-7" wrist. Keep in mind that I tried on a BRM 48mm watch and it fit me just right - better than a 45.5mm PO. It's all about the lugs and the intended design of the watch.
  6. Near 7" wrist and the 42mm was heavy, cumbersome after some time. I can only imagine how long term wearing of the 45.5 on a 6.5" would be.
  7. I thought news of the ceramic PO had already been posted a week or so ago... Nonetheless, beautiful watch. Too bad they didn't include the 8500 movement in the new PO.
  8. Keep it, you will regret letting it go for a measly 1K.
  9. Congrats man! PO orange is a nice gift for sure! Karma's great!
  10. How much is the liquid metal PO? And has anyone seen one available recently and where? Anyone have leads?
  11. Joey_V

    Top Gear

    TGUK is one of the best shows period. I have yet to see the US version, I was looking forward to it though. Now, I'm not so sure if I should even go through the hassle of watching it.
  12. 2 POs of mine had issues stopping prematurely.... 1 PO of mine was flawless.
  13. Joey_V

    New Omega Boutique

    Just had one open up nearby... 1 in the suburb and 1 in the city of Chicago. No discounts is the norm I think. Too bad... nice place to visit, but I'd rather buy anywhere else.
  14. The new POs look great. That matte ceramic bezel looks nice.
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