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  1. Maybe not being 60 but that you have a wife that gave it to you is!
  2. There will always be people who will think real Rolexes are fakes, regardless of what model you get. If they're ignorant, they're ignorant. I wouldn't base your decision on that whatsoever--Buy what you like.
  3. Well I've done the right thing and sent it back to Rolex via the AD. The lume lasts all of 1 hr and the bezel is slightly off. I'm disappointed and its tarnished my first experience with Rolex. I thought the Rolex way was perfection to the highest degree. It's not perfect at all. I hope that it comes back as it went to them with just fixes for what's wrong, not with scratches. You hear some stories and worry yourself until you have it back. How long does it usually take for re-lume and bezel? That's assuming they'll re-lume it at all. It shouldn't last 1 hr. My Pelagos is readable all of the time. Not once has it been unreadable during the night. It's so bright initially it lights up door handles and the surface of the doors when opening them, very very impressed with my pelagos considering IT cost a fraction of the Rolex. Do you all charge your DSSD watches for hrs before going to bed, just so they are readable hours later?? I'd really like your input into this, if you've had or still own a DSSD please take the time to post. I've love to hear your experiences. I'm a new owner and can't help but think it's probably only going to escalate once it's back, me being unhappy with the lume. I'd never sell it due to this fact, wonder if Rolex won't re-lume then perhaps someone will??? Thanks G
  4. Excellent review - your pictures also nicely capture the various shades of color from the dial.
  5. Undercover operation at MGM casino busts comedian - Story | WJBK I hope they take this douche bags house away too!
  6. Will definitely be too big. Even the 3777 is a pretty big/thick case for a 6.5" wrist in my opinion.
  7. Glenna

    Is this a fake?

    It looks fake to me. I shall copy and paste a picture from Google of a genuine IWC Big Pilot.
  8. Hi Scorpian, thank you so much for your tipp concerning ColaReb. I got mine too and simply love it on my Spitfire 3878.... Cheers Chris
  9. I have another Type one, a Chistopol CK6 of the year 1948 Vostok Kirovskie ChK6 1948 by AVaurien, su Flickr with a different dial Vostok Kirovskie ChK6 1948 by AVaurien, su Flickr
  10. I think it should be technically possible, if you replace also the caseback - move the movement and its slightly elevated caseback together. I have done this with Soviet era Vostok 2409 / 2416. But the result might not be very inspiring, at least aesthetically. Well, your watch, your decision :)
  11. amil, we are glad to have any official contact to the manufacturers in the forum. Taking into account, that only Vostok and Raketa remained from the Soviet watch industry, there is a lot to loose as a connection to today's world, if someone leaves the forum. As of today, the official contacts are: Luch - no representative; Raketa - yes; Vostok - not official (we get internal info from Meranom); Volmax - no; Russian-related manufacturers: Alexander Shorokhoff / Poljot International: no; Vostok-Europe: no; JL / Strela / Pilot: no;
  12. As much as we love the Vympel and it's sons, sometimes our budgets get in the way. For me this was the case, this resulted in me passing up many pristine many Vympel and De Luxe on numerous occasions. Still wanting a thin and attractive Soviet dress watch, I looked at the alternatives. This search led me to the often ignored Sekonda Zarya. While it doesn't have a more traditional dial, it does have charm much like the '47 Movado Museum. For those not that familiar with the Sekonda Zarya here are a few bits of info Production period- Soviet Era (still trying to nail down specific range, will update after I dig through all the catalogs) D- 42mm w crown T- 8.5mm Movement- Zarya 2009B Case- Brass, Gold plate bezel, black case, wire lug Crystal- Flat dome acrylic Pro- Cost (NOS w box and papers can be found for less than $100 USD) Thin (Not Vympel thin but still very thin, and wears very thin) Movement (nice quality, very common and plentiful, with a long production history) Accuracy? (untouched and still within less than 10sec a day on a quick check) Anti-magnetic shield (yep, it has a shield and is still thin) Con- Not a Vympel Black coating is very thin and fragile (mine is now scratched from using a plastic, yes plastic, tool to open the back) Simple bands are a must (it's so thin that anything beyond a simple clasp ends up being almost as thick or thicker than the watch itself) Personal Choice- Dial design (There are a number of variants but this one is the cleanest. I like it but some may not) "Proper" dress watch (it's simplicity and thin case meets what some would call ideal for black-tie watch) On the wrist Thanks to amil for having such a nice piece available.
  13. Congrats on your first vostok, bracelet are cheap and hard to adjust but once done it wears ok for me.
  14. I expect things will be relatively calm while I'm there, at least at the beginning. But if not, I do have a local friend who can guide me around trouble spots. Unfortunately, I doubt she has much interest in searching the city for Soviet watches ;)
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