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  1. I realized a minute ago its a "date". thanks for the info. I still like it, but feel it is a down grade.
  2. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone have ever used rolextracker.com ? Is it legit? I read the thread on rolexforum & many people have said that it's not legit because they steal your watch's serial number to name replicas. Is it true? I will appreciate any input because I have just got registered my newly bought Rolex on their website & now I am in too much stress. :((((((
  3. Thanks, nice job. I think i have confirmed my thinking, the crown guards look best in upper right pic, I also like the first version.
  4. The wait at my local stores is now pretty short, and you can even find them as a walk-in if you get lucky. I think the "Our wait-list is approximately three months" days are over for good. But, obviously they're still not casually available, or you wouldn't see grey market stores trying to squeeze an extra few hundred dollars out of them. It's been years since I've heard about a waitlist for a SS daytona. That ended with, like, the 2008 recession, I think.
  5. It's not true, I didn't do it but I paid someone to do it and that's all that matters. So you should know I hate PCL's so I was looking to get a Pepsi GMT, preferably an error dial with 3186 movement, and then source a super jubilee band for it. Turns out for about the same money I could buy a new one and I found this awesome one out of Austria. Brand New BLNR, complete set, on super jubilee with oyster PCL wrapped in paper, $9700. Blnr cost = $8200 super jubilee cost = $1500. You get a better deal than that or nah? A slight anxiety attack when uninformed noobs told me on another rolex forum that customs would confiscate it - duh. $500 tax, that's all. Either way, $10,200 with the extra band is a hell of a deal. I have a decent collection, each one has it's own look and serves it's own purpose.
  6. Recently a killer Instagram picture of a solid gold 16758 led me into browsing various nipple dial GMTs. But I don't care for the standard two-tone bracelet that comes with either the rootbeers or the two tone black 16753. Does anyone here wear this watch without the two tone bracelet? I wonder how they look. A rootbeer would probably look nice on a brown assolutamente-style strap?
  7. Thanks everyone! I plan on wearing it a couple months and rechecking. I appreciate the comments!
  8. Fantastic choice of watch. There's a lot of worse than +5. I'd play it by ear and see how things stand with some wrist time...
  9. Very nice review, PDiddy and I can only agree with all you have said. But then, I am biased. You're right, the way one experiences this watch depends on his (or her) reference. The watch is light compared to your DeepSea, light compared to my Doxa. Take a look at the picture: hard to imagine that these two are the same size .... the Doxa appears bigger yet wears substantially smaller. I traded my Portuguese Chrono for the Auto and did notice the increased height of the latter - you get accustomed really quickly and it isn't an issue. I don't have the largest wrists, 6.75" on a good day, but find this watch very comfortable and not overly big - absolutely no regret of my upgrade.
  10. Have any of you observed the rate of your 7 or 8 day power reserve watches each day over the reserve period? Do they run faster on a full wind? What about after 3 days? How about after 6 days? In order to do this you'll have to eschew wearing it if it's an automatic. A small sacrifice in the name of science. Regards, Alan
  11. watchkeeper-


    Thanks heaps. Any idea how to value and date these?
  12. What makes you think the hands replaced are luminova? Is that standard for iwc to replace it this way? Edit: the seller sent me a pic in the dark showing no lume on the dial and neither on the hands. That would not suggest luminova, as that would most certainly glow at least a little bit
  13. I dont have BP but I do have Mark XVI(Dia. 39mm). It fits perfectly on my 7(177mm) wrist. But, I dont think I can wear bigger watch than this. Otherwise, it will lose balance and look silly. If you think it is too big then probably it is too big.
  14. Nicely done... While I think you would have liked the 3777, the Big Pilot is a totally different level of amazing :) I can't wait to see pics!
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