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  1. Buy and wear what you like, if you want quartz get it. I prefer to take 30 seconds to wind and set a watch.
  2. Alot depends on condition but I would be hard pressed to pay that much for the quartz version. I am not sure I would pay that much for the automatic
  3. Speedmaster Professional belongs in any watch collection. History, tradition and quality. The NASA mystique does not hurt either
  4. I will never sell my fathers 1952 bumper automatic
  5. I really want to see the Dark Side of the Moon Speedmaster and the 1957 as well. Not sure I would flip my Speedy Pro for one but they sure are nice looking.
  6. I think it is a beautiful watch but rarely see one at an AD
  7. The modern version is awful. I would love to see a remake of the pie pan dial with a co axial movement
  8. I love my Speedmaster, a classic in my collection. If it does not sing to you then there is nothing wrong with that, other watches to enjoy.
  9. No. Companies should build high quality watches, not gimmicked up fake "limited" editions of an original watch.
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