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  1. there is a black lined circle on the edge of the dial which 'opens up' at every indice. i do not see this same circle on any other dial from a 1986 16013. Is this a correct dial or a redial? looks like the lume plots are to close to the stick markers.
  2. The bracelet is not original, as you suspected. Personally, I wouldn't touch this one. The dial looks way too clean for the age, and that dotted rail is odd. The number font and the squashed logo may actually be right for the time frame, though I've never seen that dial personally. Hands are very questionable. The winding crown looks wrong for a '45. I think best case it's had a lot of work done to it.
  3. Was lookin at sub, but was told that SD was better value and not as flooded in the market. As such holds better value n more unique. Any truth? ;)
  4. Congratulations ! Enjoy ! btw, your Rolex outer box is beautiful. Never seen it before.
  5. Great review, and great pictures, those are some of the most attractive pictures of that watch that I've seen so far.
  6. So I just snagged a Fast Rider. I'm a passionate Ducati owner. Always wanted a respectable Duc watch... The earlier Fortis stuff is small and dated looking... The Breil stuff is just AWFUL looking! Can anyone tell me what size strap the Fast Rider takes? The current Tudor web page is...well less than informative in a traditional way! One funny point... The line of fast rider thats aimed toward the new Ducati Scrambler makes me giggle... The Scrambler is marketed to new riders and hipsters. The whole accessory line for "Scrambler" is cheap stuff... In general, a guy stretching his budget for an $8500.00 Ducati isn't going to spend $3500.00 on a watch! I'm not a total Rolex Newbie.. so don't make too much fun of me. Had a few older pieces. GMT Masters, Tigers (When you could buy them all day long for $1000!) Thanks guys!
  7. Wow, that is a great piece!! Congrats! Looks great on your wrist..
  8. Dings can add personal character. As long as they are YOUR dings, it's all good.
  9. I purchased an IWC Pilot Chrono ref#3777-04 and sadly it doesnt fit, Im short 1 link. They are on backorder from IWC and sadly I cannot wear my new watch for a month or two while waiting. Would anyone on this fourm have a lead on one single link? I would be forever in your debt and you would be helping a fellow IWC brother. Cheers!
  10. Hello All, I am currently shopping for a brand new IWC. Does anyone have any AD they can recommend that will give some decent discount? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wolf
  11. Given the problems with this movement, I'd bite the bullet and go with a good AD (if you decide to buy this watch at all).
  12. Not sure how their gaskets are set up but unless a chronograph watch indicates high water resistance and expressly states pushers can be used underwater, (never use the pushers) even while washing hands just not worth the risk.
  13. I love my regulateur. Like dhtjr mentioned, it does wear big but I can't stop staring at the dial. Powerfade
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