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  1. Does Rolex put any lubricant in this when they reassemble after a service?
  2. Bought mine new in 1997. I had never heard of the watch, but then I encountered one in the wild, and I think the next day I went and bought one because I could not imagine life without it. I still have it, and up until I bought my GMT last year I wore it every day. Now I wear it about 25% of the time. The plastic crystal is a non issue. Either be careful with it, or polish it, or both. A plastic crystal is actually one of my criteria for my owning a watch. I also consider the manual wind a desirable feature. You only have to wind it once per day, or every two days even in case you forget. Waterproof - I was extremely careful to keep my Speedy away from water for the first twelve years that I owned it, not too difficult since I don't like water much anyway. Just about last year though I realized that the Speedy is resistant to 30m, same as my GMT is rated. I also talked to a friend who says he wears his swimming all the time. It did pass all of those NASA tests remember. It's no Piaget. No date - that's why I wear my GMT 75% of the time. I have a terrible memory. Then again, I have a cell phone in my pocket 100% of the time so it's not like I can't find out what date it is when I need to. Long story short. I expect you will have your coat in your hand I you finish reading this. on your way to buy a classic Pro.
  3. He hates Porsches too. It's all for laughs though. No one can really dislike Porsches and Rolexes, especially not arrogant blowhards like him. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy like a brother but he's some pompous ass eh wot?
  4. I went tried it on last night. They only had the rubber strap, which I think I prefer anyway. I like it, although it's not exactly understated. I think the DSSD you could hide under your cuff, but not this baby. $9350 Canadian Dollars is thankfully too much for me to justify. I'll just keep waiting until a 1680 Rolex fals into my lap during a lapse in judgement.
  5. I was poking around the mall with my kids in tow. I'd forgotten it had been newly issued. The incessant whining of the kids meant I couldn't check it out up close but It's a monster piece of steel. Maybe I'll check it out tonight.
  6. I just bought a watch in Germany - a Sinn. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had to pay only the GST and the 5% import duty. There was no provincial sales tax. The seller shipped it DHL postal, which means it was handed over to Canada Post when it got into the country.
  7. jasper


    I'm with you Desmond. Very well articulated. Seems pretty obvious to me, in the UK (and yes it is their language) it's more often pronounced Omeega. In North America it's usually pronounced Omayga. For better or worse, words are pronounced differently in different countries, even if they are the same language. It's no big deal. Somebody else already brought up tomayto tomahto. Same thing. And by the way, colour and humour are correctly spelled with a "u" here in Canada, and yes it bugs the hell out of me that spellcheckers considers this in error (it's underlining the words in red as I type this even ).
  8. Did you rally ask if the 3570.50 was hardy enough to wear every day? You must be aware that back in the 1960's NASA subjected an assortment of chronographs to the most rigorous tests they could devise in order to find out which if any could handle the moon landing assignment, and that the Speedmaster was the only one of these chronographs to pass all of the tests, and that to this day the Speedmaster Pro is the only watch qualified by NASA (and the Russians) for manned space missions. I don't know what your day to day activity involves, but I'm pretty sure the Speedmaster can handle it. Watches come and go for many of us, but there will always be a Speedmaster in my collection.
  9. Holy crap! I imagine this watch would get noticed...perhaps for the wrong reason by some. That's funky.
  10. Hmmm - couple of things here Orchi. 1) I'm slack jawed over the condition and I assume the rarity of that watch. Congratulations. You must be hunting some mighty big bear if you're willing to part with it. 2) Do you have a wrist shot of that watch ? How high does it sit ? 3) If it's crass to ask then forgive me, but what is that watch worth in USD ? Thanks for posting.
  11. Does Rolex put any lubricant in this when they reassemble after a service?
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