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  1. you will love the 5146j; great choice! and congratulations!!! which movement did yours come with?
  2. thanks for the list! i want the 5146J, but another 15%....OUCH!!
  3. thanks, that helps. i know little about pateks and am trying to come up to speed on some basics so i know what im looking at this weekend. i posted here first, then realized the other forum might be better (but not as user friendly) can i ask when you got your 5146? and do i care about the 315 vs. 325? i just like the watch, but i guess when we agonize over whether or not a particular watch has a parachrome spring or not it bleeds over.....
  4. i dont know if there are any patek experts here (like there are for pam and rolex) but i have a question about a patek 5146 the web site shows the movement to be a 315, but i have read that at some point they changed to a silicon wheel 315, then to a 324. no date on the change, and like i noted above, the patek web site still shows the 315 movement (in the pictures). any clue as to what they did and when? just want to know what to expect at the dealers (and how old their stock is depending on what movement/when the changes went into effect). thanks, mark
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