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  1. I have the 39mm explorer 1, and would heartily recommend it. It's sporty and rugged, but dresses up well. Perfect for a more casual office environment. It goes well with anything. I thought I would miss the date complication, but I am fine without it. I think the explorer 1 is one of the best all-around watches out there and isn't going out of style. Get it, you won't regret it!
  2. MHT01

    First Rolex

    Rolex - WatchRecon
  3. Thanks for the comparative review, we love pictures and it was filled with them!
  4. Congratulations - fits you very well!
  5. How are you charging the lume, 20 seconds about 2 inch away using a halogen light normally gives a good lume.
  6. The 'exact' model number will be on the lug end along with the serial number on the opposite lug end. That will necessitate removing the strap to see the numbers. It's likely that from this era, the date of distribution will be engraved on the case back, so that will have to be removed to see that info. Should you buy it at that price? I don't know how to advise that query. You've got an older, unremarkable Tudor manual wind date watch with a spotted dial, deteriorated lume on the hands and apparently an unknown ownership and service history. Is there something about this particular watch that gets you excited? Do you crave an authentic vintage, well worn look? Do you think you've stumbled on a collector's watch? (You haven't). Are you trying to crack into the Rolex/Tudor ownership club with an inexpensive watch? Any and all of those are valid reasons to pursue this purchase, but you'll have to come to your own conclusion about the price/value relationship as it relates to your particular wants and needs. Pictures of the movement will be nice from an assessment standpoint, but believe me, this particular watch model from its era was never counterfeited, so it's likely to be authentic.
  7. once a new brand gets under your skin, rarely do you go back: flip the omegas and get the rolex.
  8. I can't find it on line either. But I do know that IWC rubber straps like appear on 376705 are only made in 22mm. The aquatimer galapagos is basically an earlier Chronograph Aquatimer with a different colored face and a rubber covering. The 376703 has a 22mm strap and it is basically the same watch without the rubber covering. It may be that the 376705 appears to be 21mm but has been slightly trimmer to fit starting with the basic 22mm strap. I really don't know.
  9. MHT01

    Big Pilot Question

    I've been lucky, my 5009 is 4 secs per day. Here it is on my 7" flat wrist:
  10. Bellusso Jewelers just got one in stock. Achod Nevrous Breguet Ambassador Bellusso Jewelers achod@bellussojewelers.com 3325 Las Vegas Blvd, South Suite 1702-Casino Level Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-650-2988 702-650-0725 fax www.Bellussojewelers.com
  11. MHT01

    Superior Watch Service

    Hello, I did 7 years ago for a misaligned hour counter. Six months ago I sent the same chronograph with the same problem to IWC- Ft. Worth service center. I will choose the later over the former for all my future IWC service needs. heb
  12. Agreed. I still pine for the Ingenieur 3239, which at $6800 retail for an ETA 2892 is offensive to many. But I love the size, design, and Ingenieur history, and in the world of unnecessary luxury goods, probably best to go with your heart. At the risk of stating the obvious, the markup on luxury watches is huge, so if you're buying new try to get the best discount you can, which can sometimes be as much as 30% off retail.
  13. Do you think it's genuine, chinese people can make anything..So i'm just afraid if is just a good copy of IWC :(( P.S Thanks for quick answer....
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