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  1. Well thought out and great choice. Enjoy.
  2. Thank you. Some believe that this is a dress-watch. But I have no single suit and I wear them to a cargo pant and every day at work ...
  3. Odd that they guess a 42mm steel or titanium case when it clearly states 40mm steel case on the page. Will be curious to see how the sapphire caseback is, given that Rolex/Tudor doesn't typically do those. I feel like this is a 'modernized' Explorer I, more or less. But could be pretty neat.
  4. I recall Andy is web-based, SHEARTIME | Home, and he has an instagram page with the latest stuff.
  5. Someone is selling this tudor to me at USD400. All i know this is from 1960's small rose model. If this model is genuine..can someone give me the exact model and year. Finally should i buy it with this price. Thank you inadvance. Oh..i have yet to see the mechanism.
  6. You have a few problems here: 1) Tudor is part of the Rolex family, and Rolex dont like dealers giving discounts on their watches as it cheapens the brands, and affects used prices 2) The new Pelagos and the North Flag are NEW, they are hard to find 3) Tudor as a brand is on the rise, models like the black bay, north flag, pelagos, monte carlo are bringing the brand to new heights, expect popularity and prices to rise Now onto my own experience. I bought an original Pelagos from an AD 3 months ago. I tried getting a discount on a Pelagos at the start of the year, the dealers were having none of it, but with the new version on its way out, dealers will want to clear window space for the new model, everyone likes the NEWEST of everything. So I called a few dealers, the first refused to even consider the notion of a discount. The second said they could maybe discount by £100 (token amount), then I finally call one thats a little further away from me, got through to the man who can make the decision to do a deal, told him I know about the new model, but I will buy the original at the right price, told him I had the cash, he agreed a £450 discount, which is about 15% of retail. He did not like speaking about it on the phone tho (assuming its in case I worked for Rolex/Tudor and was testing if they would discount). One of his staff let slip while I was there that Tudor had given them permission, YES PERMISSION to discount up to 10% on the original. So my advise to you is to forget a discount on any NEW models, it wont happen. But if you want an older model, go in with cash and be prepared to walk away. I would also suggest you avoid grey market dealers. I tried that and ended up been sent a damaged Pelagos from the UKs most trusted grey market dealer, lucky for me I got my money back, but I could easily have lost out there. I only ended up paying a few hundred pounds more at the AD. Good luck.
  7. Hello all, I have a quick simple question. I need to know how to determine if the stainless steel bracelet is the one that came with the actual watch when purchased from my AD. If possible pics would be awesome. I own a Tudor Black Bay Blue. Again thanks.
  8. not at all, although not a 116613, the 116713 was my choice after wearing a 16753 for 30+ years .
  9. Got to be the Datejust for me Danny4. Can't say I'm a big fan of the blue face sub, either on a steel bracelet or a TT but that's just me and I'd be more inclined to get something different to one I already had.
  10. I know people are critical about the triple date window and some are bummed at the increased size, but they don't bug me. When I first saw the pics of the new releases, the new Mark XVII really caught my eye. It just looked so clean and easy to read. It is not busy and just gives you what you need for a daily watch. It kept my excitement inside until I finally saw one a couple of months ago at my local AD, I was hooked. I have seen them on the strap and the bracelet, I loved them both. The new bracelets are just amazing and better than the new Rolex Sub bracelets without a doubt. As amazing as the new bracelets are, I really wanted the strap..........and I could not afford the bracelet. No worries as I can get the bracelet down the road if I wish, but I am very happy with the new OEM straps. I never wear OEM straps, never, but this one is different. The way it tappers like the BP strap, the look and the feel, it is perfect. The new Mark XVII's just might be some of the most legible watches on the market. You look at the watch and BAM, you know what time it is. The AR coated crystal is stunning, it is like you are looking straight at the dial and hands. I plan on picking up another aftermarket Kevlar type strap for the hot AZ summer. This way my newest companion can take a dip in the pool without ruining the leather. I had a nice aftermarket Kevlar strap on my old 3717 and I loved it, I am excited to see how it looks on my new Mark. The only thing I would like to add is that I pretty much love IWC. The fit and finish of every one I have owned is amazing. I love brushed cases and the way IWC does theirs with the occasional polished corners is great. For those of you that are triple date haters, I hope you change your mind. IMHO, with the larger dial it works on the Mark XVII, and the splash of red is beautiful. I had second thoughts at first as well, but once I saw the new line in person, I liked the triple date immediately. Well, time for some pics.
  11. Price is 30% discount on retail, and I don't have much info about seller, I opened another thread for that but nobody responded... This is a limited edition, would that affect the assessment? if I see the watch in person prior to paying, what should I look for in terms of determining authenticity? tx
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