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  1. I have never seen one here in the US...!! In any event, the past weekend a local AD was having a closing sale so I went in. Most of the very good stuff was gone but they still have several watches, non that I had to have. The prices were about 30% of retail. Then I looked in the cabinet to my right and saw a few watch winders for 60% off! So I bought a very good one for one watch which is dust proof, programable, etc. Net cost to me wat a bit over $100! So now I have one if I want to use it. End of my watch winder story. Thanks All...
  2. Thanks again, well I think the question has been fully answered....Thanks to all!
  3. I just came home from visiting one of my local AD's and coincidently the manufactures rep was there. I asked the same question (he has no axe to grind as Rolex does not sell winders). He said in fact it would be better if it was set on a low number of winds in a good watch winder rather than letting it sit unwound...reason: he said the lubrication could dry out in some spots internally if left unwound too long..but if it was wound gently at all times it would be better for the watch. Well, that's his opinion for what is worth....
  4. Thanks Larry and Eric; Unless someone provides a good reason to get them going I think I will just let them unwind and rest....
  5. That's a thought, other than resetting the time, is there anything bad about letting your Rolex unwind completely for long periods of time?
  6. Thanks everyone for the advise, particularly about the fact of the winder needing to go both directions! I would have never known!
  7. Thanks! I'll take a look, Stan
  8. Currently I own two automatic watches, a SS Daytona and a Chaumet. Never really thought about a watch winder. Any advice would be greatly apprecitated. Thanks!
  9. Sorry, I am new to this and put this in the wrong place
  10. Hi, I have owned a men's 18K Solid Gold Chamet, with original diamonds. I know it not a well know watch in the US, it's a French brand. Just curious if anyone has an opinion on this watch? Thanks Stan
  11. If it's a new one from a AD then I think the price is right.
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