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  1. It's there and once you spot it you'll wonder how you missed it!! R
  2. Does anyone know if during a service the beat can be changed from 28,800 to 25,200BPH ?
  3. Hmmm 39mm, classic matte dial SS strap and Way cheaper than the new Explorer ..... I am so in oh yea I already have one!! Enjoy! R
  4. When I was looking for an Explorer I decided on the Railmaster, very nice watch indeed. Ironically I also went with a Seamaster GMT white face instead of GMT Master. I got both for the price of one Rolex. Both great watches!! Enjoy R
  5. Being a "Great White" owner I like the White PO, just not sure about the bezel R
  6. I had never noticed the connection to the original before... thanks for the info! R

    A Mad Men WIS?

    In this case I think the motivation was historical accuracy. I'm sure enough WIS's contacted them over the 80's Explorer Don wore last year! R

    A Mad Men WIS?

    Watches used on "Madmen" are supplied by a canadian company that sells vintage watches on line (watchestobuy.com). They have info of other cast members wearing their watches as well R info only no plug intended

    Need Advice in Canada

    Welcome aboard! There are many Omega dealers in the greater Vancouver area where you should be able to get a "deal" on a PO. Go into the Omega website find the store locator at the top and you will find lots of options. R
  10. Regarding the outer A/R coating, has anyone had it removed?? R
  11. Had the same hour hand issue had it fixed in a service and great ever since put a black red stripe canvas strap on it for something different. Merry Christmas ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It's there and once you spot it you'll wonder how you missed it!! R
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