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  1. yea..the subc in black looks good...but the green hulk sings to me...at least for now
  2. Can anyone recommend a good AD for Tudor? I know Tourneau carries them, and one in PA but am hoping for a few more options. Location doesn't really matter, as long as they're good and will overnight to CA. I'm planning on picking one up on an upcoming trip to the states. Thanks!
  3. Thanks David. I checked out the Google sites first. But, of course no one ever says on Google that they suck at it! LOL! So I was hoping for some personal experience with someone here. Any other first hand experience?
  4. Just not feeling this one. Looks too big, and too ordinary - like a victorinox. Own 3 Tudors and enjoy them immensely, this Ranger just doesn't do it for me. Truthfully, not a big fan of the Explorer either so maybe the styling is just not to my taste.
  5. Hi That's nice. What percentage more expensive? Anthony.....
  6. I think every watch deserves a new thread
  7. Very cool! Love the super-Jubilee. I plan to put mine on my 16710 at some point as well. It's a great look.
  8. I have a few Omega watches (see signature below) and a long time I have been looking to buy a Rolex, but here´s the dilemma. Only few models "speaks" to me and they are DJ II Blue dial and 16710 GMT Master II and I currently have a Omega AT Skyfall which is quite similar to DJ II and Seamaster GMT 50th which is quite similar to GMT Master II. If I buy a Rolex, some Omega is not going to get so much wrist time and I really hate that. One possibility is to sell one Omega and replace it with a Rolex, or I have to find one Rolex which speaks to me and is not so similar with my current Omegas. Wh
  9. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I have tons of respect for Speedy, but somehow don't feel the need to own one (at least not at the moment). For a pilot watch been rather considering IWC Mark XVI or 3717-01 chrono.
  10. I have the 3706. Had to seek it out back in 2007 as I didn't like its replacement (3717). I think the 3706 is really classy. I bought on bracelet but since bought clasp from iwc and camille Fournet leather strap... They make much better than iwc! Looks amazing on black leather
  11. rustyu

    First IWC

    Nice, congrats (on the watch and the birthday)
  12. that 17 is nice, I guess I like the 16 a bit more, it kinda reminds me of an explorer I, simple and classic and timeless. Enjoy it!
  13. This is a different movement, but to give you an idea of what I think is happening, you can see the ratchet wheel here to the left of the large winding wheel. If the screw is loose, the ratchet might ride up and not engage the winding wheel. Easy fix to tighten the screw, but do be careful if you decide to remove it for any reason, because the ratchet has a small spring that's easy to lose. If there is a different problem - say the wrong screw was used during a previous repair or the spring is missing, or a tooth is broken, it could be a more involved repair. Still nothing major, but you m
  14. What a beautiful watch Geoff, it is great to know that both watches were made at the same period of time! 2-1939 congrats!
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