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  1. My wrist is 6.25" (although very flat), and my 116710 sits perfectly!
  2. 2013 Audi A6 3.0. Love this car!
  3. I think you are doing it right, sometimes it's just too loose or too tight, it happened to me on many watches. I don't see what the AD could do more for you... Sublime watch Btw!
  4. Nice looking Andre!! I know of one well established independent watchmaker here in Bangkok, that refinished a lot of Rolex watches. He charges around $35 US to brush out the Center links.
  5. Great watch and I support your trading up! I see Bobby hooked you up nicely. :). Congrats but where is the wrist shot?
  6. I recently did a huge multi-watch trade and ended up with a two months old, unworn Rolex Submariner (ceramic bezel, no date, ref. 114060). Many years ago I started my watch collection with one 'Bond' Seamaster and quickly bought a few (relatively) affordable such as Mido, Longines, Oris and Epos. I patiently traded up and down (mostly up, adding cash each time ) for fifteen years, getting (and enjoying! That's very important!) many different watches from many brands, and often flipping them after some time (always babying the watches, of course). I ended up with a fairly important collection of about a dozen pieces, which I kept for a few years without trading or selling. Recently, I decided to downsize in order to keep only a few (I wanted to keep only one, but then decided against it). Pondering for some time what I wanted to sell or not, luck struck and kinda forced me to decide quickly. I had an incredible opportunity to downsize AND get a Submariner, my grail for many years. So I traded four (4) more or less recent Seamaster and one recent, almost unworn (1) Aquadive for it! Even thought I will miss my dear 2254.50, I don't think I'll regret trading one tiny bit! I'm very happy, and the Submariner has found its place in my permanent collection (next to its sister the Tudor)! (click on the banner below to see my current collection, and the watches I traded up and down during the years)
  7. This exactly. With the huge dimensions of the IWC in house movements, they should have used double barrels.
  8. cmmaster

    next Watch Advice

    I am now considering going the used route, or trying to get a good price for any of these pieces from an AD. Wouldn't know where to get a good condition used. I don't mind either of these 2 brands. I an new to breitling, but am liking the suppuration and chronomat lines. I think the 9300 is a great looking watch, love the size of it. I am also a fan of the IWC pilots watches but they are very expensive.
  9. I was about to start a new thread for the IWC connect and you beat me to it :D Anyway,It looks good and is a good addition,more like IWC finally entering the "Digital World" . Here it is,the official announcement. News and Events | IWC Schaffhausen Announces IWC Connect | IWC “Seeing that many of our customers and brand ambassadors are wearing connected devices alongside their IWC watches, we chose to work with a like-minded digital technology company to develop an elegant, aesthetically complementary solution that eliminates the need to have additional devices on the opposing wrist to your IWC ,” explains Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen. “But, and this is essential, we do not touch our beautiful watches – an ‘IWC’ stays a mechanical handcrafted timepiece. We’ve engineered an intelligent design solution which perfectly integrates and underlines our product worlds.”
  10. The only thing so far showing up with IWC+Miyota are replicas/fakes. What baffles me, aside from the watch, is the part of the story saying they bought it in CHRIST Uhren & Schmuck. Do you know the timeframe of that trip? You should send a picture to them asking to authenticate. If I were a poker player, I'd say it was not bought there, with all due respect.
  11. Agree. It could just need a simple demagnetization, but don't overlook the service potential as well depending on the age and it's previous history.
  12. Included in a group of ZIM watches in a 1970 catalog:
  13. Hard to say since we're not supposed to give valuations here. Consider the crystal (or dial) looks in poor condition, and it's not one of the more saught-after Amphibians like the 300m. It's ultimately however much you're willing to pay for it, perhaps at most around the price of vintage Radio Rooms, Neptunes, and other more ordinary but rarer models.
  14. Thanks Kev what method do you use to go back to brass? Do you use chemicals or just abrasive polish or something? The finished look Is good. Do you have to keep polishing or do you laquer? Chris.
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