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  1. What the salesperson says is useless. What I think is also useless. Only what you get in writing matters. Offer them what you want to pay, not what they want you to pay. Get all service agrements in writing. They don't want the watch; that's why they're selling it. If they can't offer a service agreement in writing, there is no agreement. The sales person's use of the term "should" ought to have set you running out the door. "Should" is useless. Only "will" matters. If they can't meet your price, walk.
  2. If it were me I'd get a new black but I haven't seen the blue in person. I can tell you that the new movement is an awesome movement and worthy the extra cost. The one in my NF has very little positional variance and runs at under a second per day error. It's a perfect match to the Pelagos.
  3. Thanks. I will look them up. Do you know if they have a store front in NYC or are they just web based?
  4. You can also look up the ebay name of watchcrusher...that's the same as Ponycar350 on a number of forums. His real name is Jared and he's out of New Jersey. Completely trustworthy no matter where you might make the purchase.
  5. the seiko is cool, but the bracelet sucks pretty bad.... get the BB
  6. I've since sold my XVI for the 5001, but if I were to do it again it'd be the XVI. It's a classic. I bet there will be a nice demand for them in the years to come if IWC were to continue on it's current Pilot design path. From a design POV the chrono is also quite nice. Functionally, I think it's difficult to justify. I rarely even use the date correctly with the number of watches on daily rotation, let alone a stop watch/timing function. I appreciate the large sweep seconds more. Whatever you choose, were it proudly!
  7. To be fair, the date on the IWC is far from being "small", despite not being a "big date" per se. It is very legible.
  8. I'm pretty sure I don't qualify as a pro, but here ya go. There is a 5001 and a 5007. The 500107 is a specific version of the 5001, which has a white dial with numbers on the face, blue hands on the subdials, minute and hour hands. I am not sure that 500705 is a real reference number, although I could be wrong. With that said, there are several differences between the 5001 and the 5007, with the biggest being their movements. This thread explains them better than I can: 5001 vs 5007 differences? | Forum | IWC Schaffhausen
  9. Your paying for the magazine ads, seeing it on house of cards and Lewis Hamilton, the banner ads, and countless other marketing streams.
  10. Very interesting. Many thanks for digging this out!
  11. hm thanks. i really wouldnt mind having to replace the hands with the correct-looking ones, but yeah i just noticed te messed up part on the dial. i'll just keep looking i guess. seems hard to find one where either the red or blue isnt faded and i got excited haha
  12. Just ordered one. Also may order a Black Scuba Dude on a Ministry case.
  13. Thanks, all! It helps to make friends in the motherland ;)
  14. Looks like a nice early 80s tonneau Amphibian to me. It's possible that it was recently relumed (either that or its in unusually like-new condition), but if it's a relume, it's a really nice job.
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