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  1. Longines L2.755.4.77.6

    Let the pictures show its charm directly.
  2. Panerai PAM 557

    I bought it in Thailand. It looks so good when I wear it.
  3. My new SEIKO SUN019

    I had looked forward to purchasing this watch for a long time, now my dream had come true. I am so happy. :D
  4. I always consider that AP looks good in photos. After I had tried it on at the shoppe, I found that it is really nice-looking and attractive. Moreover, it goes well with clothes easily. So I could not help purchasing it.
  5. Rolex 16570 or 16710?

    Hello, everyone. I wanna buy a Rolex entry-level watch. I like the black bezel of 16710, and I also like the black dial of 16570. They have the same movement. I really do not know which one should I choose, please give me some suggestions. I sincerely thanks for every reply.
  6. INVICTA Grand Diver13708

    My younger brother’s birthday is coming soon. In my impression, he still wears his old quartz watch, thus I wanna buy him a mechanical watch with high cost performance as birthday present. I have long known INVICTA, but I have never bought it. This time, I bought two INVICTA watches-Grand Diver13708 and 8928OB. I possess one of them, and another one is my younger brother’s present. I show you these two watches. Legendary yellow watch box. The box is opened, rose gold watch appears. It looks pretty beautiful. 47 mm, it has attractive color assortment (black and rose gold). One side of watch is engraved with words “Grand Diver”. Another side is engraved with the name of brand. Its buckle has logo pattern and brand name. I think its lettering is not very exquisite. Its movement is SEIKO NH38A, it has stop-seconds function. Unlike other buckles which can be extended additionally to cover the diving suit, it is just basic buckle. Front view, its movement can be seen. The left one is TISSOT SEASTAR ETA7750 LIMITED EDITION, its diameter is 49mm. Now it’s my brother’s watch. Blue dial and bezel looks energetic, it is perfect for him. Two watches. After I have worn 13708, I found that it is very light. Affordable price, high cost performance, nice movement, I am really satisfied with my new purchase. Thank you.
  7. I love NATO

    I love NATO very much, I share my NATO with you now. That is all. If you also have NATO, please post your NATO here. Thanks.