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  1. Wear it as an everyday, absolutely. The gold will take a little more wear than the steel would, but if your'e okay with seeing some scratches who cares? I know two people off the top of my head who wear platinum Rolexes as their daily watches and the minor wear on those hasn't prevented me from drooling every time I see their wrists. If I had the new pepsi in my collection, it'd be in my standard rotation.
  2. I have the 1st generation Pelagos, and while I think it is great, I would be patient and buy the newer iteration. 70hr power reserve is a huge step forward. Even though the 2824 can be regulated to keep quite accurate time, I bet the new movement will keep fantastic time straight out of the box and will reliably keep great time without having to monkey with it.
  3. Between the two, the BLNR; personally, I am not a fan of two-tone watches.
  4. AgentCD

    Daytona Help

    Why not go all-out and get the white gold Daytona with Arabic numeral dial?
  5. Quick question, What's the difference between Rolex and Tudor other than the obvious?
  6. The Heritage Chrono got lots of good press when it was released. In terms of popularity vs. the Black Bay, though, it's got a couple things going against it: It's $1,000 more expensive than the Black Bay at MSRP; Chronographs in general are not as popular as dive watches; Its design is more eccentric, which can limit its appeal; And, as you noted, it doesn't look like a Rolex. That's not to say the Black Bay is a mere homage, but the resemblance between the Black Bay and vintage Rolex/Tudor Submariners is surely a significant part of its appeal for many buyers. A lot of people discover Tudor through Rolex, and Rolex-lovers are predisposed toward the vintage Submariner style in a way they might not be predisposed toward a 1970s-flavored sport chronograph. I don't think it's an unpopular watch so much as it appeals to a relatively smaller audience and fills a smaller niche in most watch-collectors' collections than the Black Bay or even the Pelagos. I can say from my experience, having tried one on in-person, the Heritage Chrono looks almost toy-like compared to the Black Bay. It's a fun watch but its bright blue, white, and orange details don't come off as sophisticated as the textured, matte black dial, bright silver markers, and rich navy bezel of the Black Bay blue. As with any watch, I'd recommend looking at them in-person before coming to any conclusions.
  7. Hi everyone, After a long time of debating I finally went ahead and bought myself a brand new BLNR Reading all the issues with the cyclops magnification, especially on the BLNR, I inspected it extensively. I decided that the magnification seemed OK, but after a few days of wearing it it looks as if the cyclops is slightly misalligned. It could be that I'm just dealing with OCD, but after my previous ceramic Sub no date having some bezel issues I tend to look a little closer at this one. Is it just me or do you think the cyclops is just slightly misalligned with about 1/2 milimeter? Am I looking too from too close? Overall, I love the colours of the BLNR, but do miss the Glidelock clasp of my Sub no date. I just cant get a comfortable fit on the bracelet yet. Anyone has experience with dealing with the bracelet fit? At full length, even with the easylink closed, the bracelet is too loose With one link taken out it is too tight, even with the easylink opened. Thank you kindly, hope to hear from you guys!
  8. di-modell, great advice! never knew about it - looking for and buying one now!
  9. Do you happen to have any pics of the TOG on a NATO strap perchance? Curious if the snazzy fluted bezel would get along with a utilitarian NATO or if it would look mismatched.
  10. Yak. What a cheap looking, gimmicky cr...p, pardon my French.
  11. IWC boxes do not normally have a metal plate in the box. In my experience, the metal plate is usually only included for limited edition watches to give some details on that particular watch. This appears to be the case in the watch in your photo, even with my poor eyesight I can read it says "REFERENZ 5444 - ONE OF 50", sounds like a limited edition to me. One other point, I see the dial is blue. IWC normally reserve blue dial watches for their limited edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation watches. With regard to authenticity, I suggest you contact IWC via their website and enquire whether or not they issued a SfGF watch for reference 5444. HTH. Regards Rick
  12. I have asked several dealers about the lug width on the rubber coated Galapagos Chronographs and event though they all are trying to sell on they either don't know or don't want to answer. I have been considering buying one of these but don't want to without knowing the lug width. Can anybody help. I really dislike rubber straps and normally replace all rubber with a nylon/velcro type. So I need to know if the lugs will accomodate one of my straps on their spring bars or not. Thanks
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