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  1. Blue Pelagos new photos

    Does it include both rubber strap and metal bracelet?
  2. I'm in love with the GMTII Line never owned one, planning to do so. Which one of those two (BLNR or GMT MasterII two tone) would be the most suitable for daily wear and looks better? And of course would be durable to be a lifetime watch?
  3. BLNR strap variation, thoughts?

    love the look alex, im going to look for one.
  4. A brace of Explorers

    Wow, great pic of a pair of classic watches!
  5. Submariner ceramic bezel pushes in

    This is normal. It's the same inall newer models ceramic subs.
  6. I stand corrected on the matte dial variants, you're totally right about them being in the 10k range. Nicely aged white gold surround models can be had in the $6k neighborhood.
  7. Can't decide - Mark XVI or Pilot's Chrono 3717 ?

    Thanks for the all the input. A number of people have mentioned that I should buy the watch (XVI or 3717) with the bracelet -- that it's very comfortable and easy to sell later, if necessary. I believe you all (!) but it is incredible really that a $1,400 option could be both a good deal and that good! Please elaborate -- thanks. John
  8. IWC Mark XVII on Portofino mesh ????

    Having a hard time imagining that as a viable combo. Sure looks good on that Chronoscope though!
  9. IWC Mark XVII on Portofino mesh ????

    I honestly don't think a mesh will work on the mark. But without seeing a picture I can't be sure.
  10. First IWC Watch - Portuguese Automatic (500705)

    Whatever appeals to your eye the most.
  11. Genuine IWC watch and model?

    Pleaseee help me, i just bough IWC watch from my friend, and he say 'it's 100% genuine' Can anyone help me with this, i send a 2 photos too...
  12. Is this a real Portuguese Chrono?

    Just returned from Tokyo and saw a number of 5007s in none ADs so they are out there even in the grey market.
  13. Ingenieur 3239

    Thanks so much. Hoping to head to the AD on Friday for a look!
  14. Here's the watch in the 93 Vostok catalogue (top left): Just search for Vostok Amphibia and Vostok Amphibian on eBay. Sometimes Amfibia and Amfibian will bring up a few extra results as well. You could add cosmonaut/gagarin/astronaut/space etc but I reckon you'd be quicker just searching for the basics and to make sure you don't miss anything. Trying out "Boctok -Vostok" should give you a few extras too. Just in case you hadn't realised, there are a few other cosmonaut/Gagarin inspired Vostoks too which, in my opinion anyway, are much nicer: And here's the WUS special edition which was released about a year(?) ago which came in 2 different case types and 3 different dial colours: