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  1. And/or need for the GMT complication.
  2. Willian

    Hulk or Batman

    FWIW .... I'd go for the BLNR since you already have a 116610.
  3. I have almost made up my mind to do the same. As mentioned above, ETA will be easier to service on the years to come and given that the ETA version is available only a couple of years along with the fact that Tudor has made a comeback, first gen Pelagos will be the one to own. Sent from someone else
  4. ^that's great. Saving me lots of time and several headaches. Thanks!
  5. No expert but it does look like a spitfire
  6. Willian

    IWC 378901.

    Where, that's a steal at that price.
  7. Dear all, I am a happy owner of an IWC Aquatimer 371933 with a rubberstrap. After some serious time at google, I understand its pretty hard to find original straps/bracelets to this fantastic but discontinued timepiece. Would love to get hold of the original steel bracelet and also other straps that will fit the 3719 Aquatimer series. Any good ideas, links, pictures or thoughts from fellow IWC Aquatimer lovers out there? Thanks in advance - Martin
  8. Great watch, great strap, great shoes. I will post you my Santoni´s on of these days. Less extravagant but still great.
  9. Back from posting hiatus, I guess it's been, because of a story I think is fun. And a chance to give a 'Meranom treated me right' post. Bought a piece for a woman I've been seeing (have divorced since joining WUS). She'd previously dated a wis. (They are friends, apparently he saw a pic of me and said "Old guys are ruining G-Shocks" but we'll let that crack go...) So I wanted to show off my love of Vostok, see if she was familiar with Russian pieces. Purchase was May 10. Hasn't arrived. Dmitry at Meranom has been in touch with me, and the package tracked in Russia post. Just hadn't shown up. I thought customs, got lost, whatever. Not that much money (big part of the love, for me), maybe it'll show up yet, but I was beginning to lose hope. This morning I awake to an email from Dmitry. The package had been returned, from a previous address, an earlier purchase. All the way back to Chistapol? Ha! Now I feel bad for causing trouble! Now the watch has a story attached with it! I'm tickled as a little kid. Thanks Dmitry! Thanks Meranom! I'll start looking for the piece to arrive again!
  10. Love it! grandpa says hello to the nipper!
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