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  1. Rolex warranty is now 5 years so not sure what the salesperson is selling you on??? "The sales lady said that all I have to do is bring it in at around 4 years and say it's running a little slow and it WILL be sent back to rolex for inspection . She said that when they inspect the watch they service it (clean , oil , adjust )"
  2. Why does the bezel insert numerals range from 1 to 6 ?? No one has Been able so far to answer me And Nothing in Rolex design is left to hasard ... Hope some one can enlight me on this !! Thanks
  3. I have two watches, a Rolex Sub which I wear daily, and an Omega Aqua Terra 2503.3 that I haven't worn in a while I originally got the AT as an exchange for a Speedy pro which had a hand reset issue that I later discovered was normal, also I had an issue with two sports pieces. Now having not worn it in a while, and having seen the price on the secondary market strengthen I have started to give more thought to moving it on to acquire something else. Here is what I currently have: I have it narrowed down to the following: 1. a Steel Datejust with either a silver or white dial: 2. Tudor Heritage Chronograph 3. Tudor Blue Bay (after Basel if they update to new in house movement) 4. Omega Speedmaster Pro In all honesty I am more drawn to the Datejust or the Speedmaster, to me they are true classics, between them I feel the Datejust would give me more variety but the Speedy has always been a favorite of mine The two Tudors seem nice and I like the heritage chrono but I fear I am considering them because they are more affordable. I liked the Aqua Terra but it was never a first choice, and I am still not a huge fan of the pointer. Any thoughts or opinions would be great thanks
  4. Congratulations! Such a feeling of satisfaction in aquiring one's Grail!
  5. I would go for a Polar 16570, very underrated and not the common.
  6. A couple from me. First, more of a studio shot (if you will): What I love about the BB red is how the hands glint in the light. Not a fabulous picture of what I'm talking about, but it captures it. Along with the cool dial distortion from the curved crystal: And lastly, a macro shot of the crown. Macro can be unforgiving as it shows all the minutest signs of wear.
  7. MoffiCy

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    Thanks for the link there dak_la, but still the caseback is still the major question. I will be going to the store after work today to see it directly. They are a reputable watch store here in Taiwan. They have been opened for 27 years. Should I just ask them directly why the case back is different? Maybe during the previous owners watch maintenance the case back got switched out? or am I just giving the benefit of the doubt? =/ Richard
  8. Could you elaborate a little? I am actually more interested in the why than the option that people will choose...
  9. Most of the iwc watches are beautiful. But their eta powered offerings are way overpriced. Very few watch buyer care abt movements, they care more abt designs, brand prestige, provenance and history. Iwc is a business, they have to survive and care what the majority of its buyers care first b4 anything
  10. I think I'm in the right forum? I am just trying to identify it. Any resources or direct insight into the matter is appreciated.
  11. MoffiCy

    DING in my Portofino

    Since the Portofino has such a polished mirror like case every scratch or ding is an eye sore and in your case the ding is on the front as well where you constantly see it. I would definitely get it repolished, but I'm a perfectionist :) BTW, I have the exact same watch (IW391010) and I personally would get it fixed immediately :)
  12. Looks good to me, but I'm an amateur. Wait for more experienced guys to chime in.
  13. Hi guys, I bought this particular watch but the crown seems to be a replacement (no fish logo). Where can I get one and what would be the specs of the correct one for my watch? Thanks!
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