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  1. Fei683

    GMT MasterII ?'s

    Nice you were able to test drive it I guess you put down a security deposit or the full payment with a gentlemans word of honor!!!
  2. Fei683

    everyday rolex?

    It's a dark picture, but I'm guessing that's the new Pepsi GMT?
  3. Fei683

    Tudor Pelagos Accuracy

    Personally do not believe in a break in period for watches, if a watch runs out of whack out of the box, it isn't going to improve much over time. Tudor does not send their ETA movements for chronometre certification, as such there is no guarantee of accuracy. I do believe that it is at least a top grade 2824 ticking in the Pelagos, so anything more than +10s per day is not good. My black bay before I sold it was almost spot on out of the box. Lucky I guess. I would send it in for regulation by RSC?
  4. Fei683

    What do you drive

    On the Omega Forum there is a thread of owner cars. Hopefully collecting my new car tomorrow so thought I would start a thread on here. Show us your car.....or cars....
  5. Fei683

    North Flag First Impressions

    It looks great on the strap, though -- the unusual lug shape makes the connection point much more interesting, and the black and yellow complements the dial better than the steel bracelet. For me, seeing the strap version turned the watch from a "Meh" into "Oh, that's kinda cool."
  6. Fei683

    New North Flag

    Just took delivery of my pre-ordered North Flag. I got the bracelet version, but also ordered the leather strap which I put on. I really like the way the yellow stitching highlights the yellow accents on the dial. So far, I'm very pleased with the watch!
  7. Fei683

    Yay or Nay: GMT Pepsi with brown strap?

    Stick with the bracelet (IMHO).
  8. Fei683


    Yes I did. A very nice gentleman indeed. He did not have a new BLNR though. He has a used one for a couple of hundred dollars less than what I paid for a new one. I ended up buying a new one from an AD here in the Tampa area. $9400 OTD with a 10 year warranty and a one time free polishing. They also resized some rings for me at no cost. I've lost some weight so I needed that done. I will post pictures in a little bit. I really like this timepiece. Thanks for all the info.
  9. Fei683


    Depends where you go, most AD and BT around here already stock them months ago. Same goes for daytona, i can walk in and pag msrp and even get a small discount on gmt batman.
  10. Fei683

    Your best Rolex shots!

    I'm not sure why, but B&W pictures always seem to look that bit more 'professional' to me. Good effort, some nice pictures there.
  11. Fei683

    Tudor BB strap options, pics

    I didn't even know steinhart did straps. Some of them look very good for the money. Is the nato buckle easy to put on to the perlon? Quite like the look of the perlon. Somewhere I've seen a sand coloured strap on a red BB which looked really good too. Thanks for the info
  12. Fei683

    Show your Pelagos and strap combos

    I agree, the camo natos (or zulus, I can never tell) look very good on the Pelagos. But I just know my better half would say no if I wore one on one of my watches. She didn't even like the factory nylon strap that came with my Black Bay.
  13. Fei683

    The Ultimate Question...Sticks or Romans

    Sticks to make it seem like more of a sportswatch. Romans to make it seem like more of dress watch.
  14. Fei683

    GMT OWNERS (Club)

    Very Nice ! Mike B , Canada ⌚