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  1. Nice you were able to test drive it I guess you put down a security deposit or the full payment with a gentlemans word of honor!!!
  2. It's a dark picture, but I'm guessing that's the new Pepsi GMT?
  3. Personally do not believe in a break in period for watches, if a watch runs out of whack out of the box, it isn't going to improve much over time. Tudor does not send their ETA movements for chronometre certification, as such there is no guarantee of accuracy. I do believe that it is at least a top grade 2824 ticking in the Pelagos, so anything more than +10s per day is not good. My black bay before I sold it was almost spot on out of the box. Lucky I guess. I would send it in for regulation by RSC?
  4. On the Omega Forum there is a thread of owner cars. Hopefully collecting my new car tomorrow so thought I would start a thread on here. Show us your car.....or cars....
  5. It looks great on the strap, though -- the unusual lug shape makes the connection point much more interesting, and the black and yellow complements the dial better than the steel bracelet. For me, seeing the strap version turned the watch from a "Meh" into "Oh, that's kinda cool."
  6. Just took delivery of my pre-ordered North Flag. I got the bracelet version, but also ordered the leather strap which I put on. I really like the way the yellow stitching highlights the yellow accents on the dial. So far, I'm very pleased with the watch!
  7. Fei683


    Yes I did. A very nice gentleman indeed. He did not have a new BLNR though. He has a used one for a couple of hundred dollars less than what I paid for a new one. I ended up buying a new one from an AD here in the Tampa area. $9400 OTD with a 10 year warranty and a one time free polishing. They also resized some rings for me at no cost. I've lost some weight so I needed that done. I will post pictures in a little bit. I really like this timepiece. Thanks for all the info.
  8. Fei683


    Depends where you go, most AD and BT around here already stock them months ago. Same goes for daytona, i can walk in and pag msrp and even get a small discount on gmt batman.
  9. I'm not sure why, but B&W pictures always seem to look that bit more 'professional' to me. Good effort, some nice pictures there.
  10. I didn't even know steinhart did straps. Some of them look very good for the money. Is the nato buckle easy to put on to the perlon? Quite like the look of the perlon. Somewhere I've seen a sand coloured strap on a red BB which looked really good too. Thanks for the info
  11. I agree, the camo natos (or zulus, I can never tell) look very good on the Pelagos. But I just know my better half would say no if I wore one on one of my watches. She didn't even like the factory nylon strap that came with my Black Bay.
  12. Sticks to make it seem like more of a sportswatch. Romans to make it seem like more of dress watch.
  13. Very Nice ! Mike B , Canada ⌚
  14. Black dial XVI... I miss mine I would wait to purchase though... Prices seem inflated. It used to be common to see an XVI sell for around $2,000 to $2,500. Now they are way above $3k.... Just too much now for what you get (movement wise... Lightly modified 2892). Also, when ready to purchase, buy with bracelet. You can always get the strap but a bracelet is mighty expensive on its own.
  15. What did you end up getting?
  16. You might find this discussion about the different Marks at the official IWC forum interesting: "9" or no "9"? | Forum | IWC Schaffhausen And here is a post at the official IWC forum discussing some problems with the JLC movement in the Mk XII: My IWC mark XII - After 6 months ownership | Forum | IWC (note that even their very knowledgeable moderator Michael Friedberg commented that the movement can be difficult to service). To clarify, my recommendation really depends on whether you want to own a vintage piece with more historical significance, or a modern interpretation of it. I always associate vintage watches with delicacy and high maintenance, and I would never wear a vintage piece like the Mk XII the way I would wear my XVI. So it really comes down to your preference. If you like the XII look, as suggested by dhtjr, you should look into an XV. If you really want a true vintage piece with better historical lineage, you should just go for the XI, IMO. Even on a 6" wrist, a 34mm Mark would look too small by today's standard, especially for a sporty pilot watch. If people can wear 46mm big pilot, we shouldn't have any issue wearing a 39mm small pilots I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and I would want to wear something tough to brace the weather there But seeing that you have quite a few watches in your rotation, an XII can be used in special occasions. Either way, please let us know your decision, and post pictures!
  17. From Bloomberg, 5 May 2015 12:08:47 Swiss luxury goods maker Richemont is rolling out high-tech straps to counter the smartwatches designed by Apple Inc. and others. Richemont Puts the Smarts Into the Strap Rather Than the Watch - Bloomberg Business
  18. Fei683

    Is this a fake?

    Could someone help please. Is this a fake? Thanks :)
  19. From what I see on the web, the OEM strap for your 3878 looks like a pretty standard brown gator strap. I would be surprised if IWC does not have an OEM one for tang buckles. If not, I'm sure you can find other OEM or non-OEM straps that will fit your watch and looks great. Depending on the price difference between the deployant and the tang buckle, the benefit so prolonging the life of a strap might justify the difference. If money is a concern, I personally will go for non-OEM straps instead to save money. There are plenty of great quality non-OEM strap for pilot watches, and you can customize the size to fit your deployant or tang buckles. Here is one for my Mark XVI:
  20. Sadly they are gone. We do not know what is the value of this item. We could not find not any related papers. Maybe it makes sense to go to a qualified IWC concessionaire. If you could please help us shortly with a model name, possible age, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much, smkkkk
  21. Thanks everyone! I decided to go with the dark brown strap:) Also, does anyone ever get a silver stainless steel strap with this watch?
  22. I like the Navy blue which I have on my 5001-07. If not that, the dark brown Santoni strap is what I'd go with.
  23. Nice shot, the black background is great one thing I would suggest is check the room lighting, the lighting isn't even and there's more on the left of the watch
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