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  1. Actually the lume is green to match the gmt hand, which makes more sense. For reference a fresh wrist shot The bleu-noir is quite appealing, just a matter of preference. Tough call !
  2. The fact you got the box and papers is a good sign. It looks ok to me, but as others have said you need to take it to an AD or someone who can confirm it. The ETA movement Tudor use is decorated, so its unlikely that a fake will go to the trouble of decorating the movement. It will be easy to confirm. Make sure you get it pressure tested after it is opened up.
  3. 962xxx serial dates it from the 1960's. it has lug holes & open 6's & 9's. life is good.
  4. As other mentioned the Tudor box has better presentation than Rolex box.
  5. Yes it looks fascinating, i like the yellow gold version but for that style and price range, i'd rather buy a Grande Reverso calendar, triple calendar with moonphase. I prefer the Rolex design though. As always.
  6. I've been to a few ADs and none have seen a black v2 yet. The blue ones are everywhere.
  7. AnsonFong

    IWC 378901.

    I have a chance to buy an IWC 378901 TopGun, complete in mint condition for $3500. Havent found much info about it. Any info and opinion about the watch and price are appreciated. Thanks
  8. In general, large watches do not look good on small wrists.
  9. I've had my Auto for about a month and it's averaging picking up about 2 seconds a day. I read all of the reviews prior to buying, I don't know if I've been fortunate, but what I do know is I love the watch. Great power reserve, great wrist presence, and to be honest it just makes me smile. :)
  10. Hey guys . If anyone is interested i have a deep one on Ebay right now Rare chance to own one egards
  11. I really like the Mark XII. It is such a gorgeous and beautiful watch and I really don't think the 39mm size would look that big on your wrist. Can you do a mock up of how the the Mark XII will look like on your wrist to enable a visual comparison?
  12. Not sure I like a "military" inspired watch on a purely civilian Milanese, but having one watch on that bracelet, I like it a lot. I'd prob would suggest you to buy an aftermarket one - there are plenty of options for under $100- before plunging $1600 on the Portofino OEM bracelet though...
  13. It looks great on your wrist. Congrats on obtaining your grail! Enjoy!
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