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  1. Thanks guys, I've done a bit more digging and found dials that are supposedly from around that same time. Difference being they have a subsidiary second hand. One has hands that are similar and the other has straight hands. Obviously these aren't conclusive as they could be replaced as well. The bracelet doesn't concern me as I prefer leather on my dress watches, but it obviously affects value.
  2. Just can't get over all the text. Makes my Grand Seiko and Rolex look like a magazine while the Tudor is a novel book.
  3. Depends on how old you are cigarsq8. If you're under 40, the BLNR. If you're between 40 and 50 it depends on how you want to be perceived. If you're over 50, the two-tone is fine. Why do I say what I say? Yellow gold just comes across as being quite ostentatious and the bright yellow lustrous material tends to be associated with older gents. Make that "older successful gents". I know some folks say other people don't notice their watches, let alone the exact brand and make they are wearing, but where a gold watch and people will notice if nothing other than the fact it is not stainless steel. Granted the two-tone GMT II has SS elements on the bracelet and case, but those gold PCL are impossible to miss. The black and gold contrast of the dial and bezel are eye-catching too. The BLNR by comparison is 'understated' - that's if you can call the BLNR understated. If you're between 40 and 50 and you wear the two-tone, you're telling the world you have made it, you are financially successful and it doesn't matter if you lose your job.
  4. Dial does not look an original Rolex dial to me What are numbers between lugs at 6 and 12 oclock? To 100% confirm if fake, you will need a movement shot A
  5. I got a discount on my BB. Had to push but I live in an area where they're obsessed with brands and logos so Tudor doesn't sell well. They'll definitely give you something, especially on the older pelagos.
  6. I've also seen two 5513s (B/P, plexi, WG surrounds from 87 - 88 i believe) selling for 5900 and 6000 euros on chrono24.
  7. Congratulations! It looks great and will note that Tudor does a nice job too with the presentation box.
  8. Adams1985

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    I can't say I've seen that before but my gut instinct is fake
  9. I actually love the size of the Breitling. I also like the bracelet. I probably will get an additional leather/croc stop as well. I would love the 9300. perfect size IMO, great calibre in an iconic watch. but the price is way out of my league right now sadly. The Breitling I am interested in is the 3 hand date model. The chronomats are nice but very pricey. The Breitling might be a stretch with a suit but I feel I could still pull it off. I will look into pre-owned. I haven't thought of that. I love the Speedmaster, the other Omega that I am crazy about is the Aqua terra in blue. Such a gorgeous watch, but pricey. I really appreciate your insight friends.
  10. Great watch. I think the strap favours it. With the bracelet (as good as it is) would divert attention from the simple/functional dial (probably best for the chrono). The date did bug me when it was launched (I don´t tend to like "multiple dates") but it has grown on me as it reminds me of cockpit dials (allways good on a Flieger).
  11. Oh wow I didn't know that! Would've gotten that for my wife if I had known. From a horological standpoint, the Mark XII is much more desirable than the XVI due to both of its direct historic lineage and more interesting movement as you mentioned. However due to the age of the movement, my understanding is that there will be more wear and tear and parts can be difficult to source and more expensive than the standard eta movement. WR is probably not as good either. That's why I would recommend it only if you are in for a vintage watch. Otherwise, the XVI is much more easy to maintain.
  12. Took the plunge yesterday and bought a pre-owned Spitfire Chrono, SS on brown strap. Very striking. I like the way the brown tones down the stainless and makes it casual. I'd love to be able to quickly switch to the black strapped version for gray suits or tuxedos. Any recommendations on a worthy strap, even better if it's a quick change style? Doc
  13. my question was simply to get a better understanding on how good the pushers are sealed.. so I would worry less if I accidentally bump the pushers..
  14. Oops, guess I'm still mad at IWC for the problems I had with the Portugese Classic!
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