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  1. Thanks guys! Looks like I will be considering the 38mm. Any ideas on price?
  2. No, this is the gents version. It can be difficult to distinguish between Omega's ladies and gents watches sometimes
  3. Hi all, I am after a dress watch and was impressed by the new Omega Constellation '09 Chronometer, silver dial with diamond dial. Model no: I haven't seen the watch in person so am not 100% set on it. Does anybody know how much this model will cost in the UK? I am making a guess of around 2,500 GBP based on the price of the old constellation with diamond dial. Any help appreciated. Anuj
  4. This was supposed to be an investment but I am just blown away - wow! I think I'm in love with the piece! The sales people were great and gave me a few extras free: a wooden watch box and a cleaning kit. Very pleased! Enjoy the pictures!
  5. Any more thoughts on this watch? Has anybody else got one? Cheers
  6. Hi all Just picked this up today This has solely been bought for collection/investment purposes; it was bought for 2 main reasons: 1. I liked it (this was the most important reason) and would happily wear it. 2. I believe its value will increase significantly in 10-20 years given 1,948 were only made and is linked to the London Olympics. Here are some pics courtesy of Omega.
  7. Hi all I recently picked this dress watch up, I really liked the dial and its in great working condition considering its age I believe this was made around 1972 and has a calibre 625 movement. Does anybody have any more information about it? In particular, how many of this exact model was produced and any details about the lovely art deco dial. Anuj
  8. Does anyone have a similar model? These seem to be quite rare....
  9. Hi all Just wanted to share my 1972 De Ville. The dial is stunning and unique, one of my favourite dress watches
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