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  1. I have an 1989 two tone datejust that I love, but i was made a pretty decent offer to buy it recently. Today, I found another almost identical to mine other than the safire crystal, that is priced hundreds less than what was offered for the one Ialready have. I'm thinking about selling mine and buying the lower priced one and pocketing the difference. The pronlem is that I am not familiar with the bezel on the lower priced one. Anybody recognize it?
  2. I don't understand this spec talk. Does any of this so call new technology help tell the time better. If the current moment is reliable and accurate. Don't see any particular reason to wait for something that doesn't offer any visible improvement.
  3. I'd love to know what the offered price was. My bet is under $1000. There's just too much "I already know the answer, but I desperately want to be wrong" about this.
  4. I'm having trouble displaying Rolex's page here. It seems to list the green dial, with lume all the way around as a 34. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Watch: Baselworld 2015 - 114300 But looking at this page... TimeZone : Public Forum » FROM BASEL; Rolex 2015, and some thoughts Is the green face with lume around the dial a 34mm and just captioned incorrectly? Its hard (for me) to tell if the lugs are the same or not. Sorry if this is a dumb question EDIT: Never mind, I'm guessing its this, and the 114200 versus 114300 and the timing confused some press reviewers and grey market retailers. I guess this thread can be deleted now.
  5. I love my Pepsi. it's original, iconic, & not seen very often anymore. black is so common & boring.
  6. What you have looks okay to me What I don't get is you had a bad experience then went and bought another without doing a thorough check on its authenticity???
  7. This is worst case, in other words any worse and it is not COSC approved Typical is +-3 secs which on a new Rolex I would expect indeed demand In my opinion OP, should return it immediately for proper checking My Rolex gains 1 second per day!
  8. Me too...love it on the bracelet, but a great look is on an Isofrane. I think it looks much better than the OEM rubber. (not my pic...mine hasn't left the bracelet)
  9. S$3640 is approximately USD $2580 by today's rates (23rd Aug'15).
  10. I love the Pilot Chrono. My earlier Spitfire Chrono (ref 3706) has given me excellent service. I have a Mark XVI Spitfire as well, which is also an excellent watch. I personally prefer the Chrono and would be inclined to the 3717. In fact, now that the new Spitfire Chrono is out, I might look for a 3717 Spitfire, and then, in due course, a 3878, to fill out my Spitfire collection.
  11. Belle

    IWC in San Francisco?

    Are you established there?
  12. Interesting question. I'd probably go for the Yacht Club but both are very unique and have their own merits. I'm a big fan of 8500 variants and think the DSOTM is simply stunning, but the Yacht Club happens to be one of my favorite IWC models.
  13. Belle

    IWC threads slow...

    Hi, I have noticed that there are a ot of activities in other brand forums, but it all IWC forums activities are somewhat slow. Don't get me wrong - what actually posts are of good quality. But again, looking at the replies column there are many posts that don't receive any answers and if any very few. Why is this the case with IWC? Is the IWC owners in general a "non posting" kind of group? No offence - just interested... Erik
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