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  1. I've been trying to research which 2500 movement this might be. C or D? I'm not familiar with the difference. I just bought this the other day from a local AD. Was told it was the last year of the 2500 and aluminum bezel. Any insight is appreciated. I'm speaking of movement, I know the differences from the new 8500.
  2. Thx again friends. Sorry about my ape arms. lol
  3. Thx friends! I'm so digging this watch. Funny cuz I was saving for the new Rolex GMT Master II black/blue. This just set that aside.
  4. So I had to share my excitement with everyone as I just picked up my first Planet Ocean. A 42mm version with the 2500 movement. I luv it. Thought at first it my be too big for my 6 3/4" wrist, but turns out it fits just perfect. It even looks smaller than my 41.5mm Seamaster Chrono. Maybe due to the height difference. Anyhow I'm glad I went with this instead of the Speedmaster I was looking at. I really like the brushed SS bracelet it comes with too. Very cool. Great watch. Happy 4th everyone!
  5. Bummer man. I too ware this same watch, in black tho. I'd flip if this happened to mine. I expect it to get beat up a bit, but nothing like that. Sorry about your misfortune. Hope it works out with the fix bro!
  6. I love this watch. Flat profile sits just rite on the wrist.
  7. I almost came home yesterday with this exact watch. Very nice indeed. I changed my mind last minute for a PO. My. Decision only based on the fact that I have so many chronos already.
  8. Wish I would have known, I do get Tapper invites, just not this one. Just came home with this to post pix. Wish I would have seen your post first.
  9. Shibak

    Speedmaster Happy

    The model is 3221.30.00. Thx for the comments friends.
  10. Shibak

    Speedmaster Happy

    I ware my Seamaster chrono daily, but have been itching to get a Speedy for a while now. I wanted something cleaner looking but still elegant and sporty. I just came home with this one and couldn't be happier. I really like the day/month and 24 hr dials. Along with the chrono feature and water resistant to 300ft, makes this a perfect EDC watch. Luv the quick set day too. 38 1/2mm.
  11. Nice timepiece. The racing strap is the one!
  12. Excellent taste bro. Luv mine...
  13. Very cool. I like the counter sunk sub dials. Nice touch.
  14. Shibak


    Looks great. Nice open case back. Lots to see. Congrats
  15. Shibak

    PO GMT Stoked

    Thx again. Another shot. Hope I'm not boring people with this. Just excited as it was either this or the new Rolex GMT Master II BLNR. I'm truly happy with my decision.
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