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  1. So you wouldn't purchase it if it was the right price and had a black bezel insert?? Kinda silly since it takes less than 5 min to swap-out, and a Pepsi or coke bezel should cost less than $100 if purchased in the right place (AD)
  2. Sarah

    First Rolex

    Can you please give me a direct link?
  3. I agree, the crown guards on the SD4K are perfect, the Submariner is just too big.
  4. Hi guys Not a newbie, not my first Rolex :)) Im going to look at the new Rolex 39mm Oyster Perpetual tmw, and can't quite get my head round which colour to go for? Kinda thinking Grape for its originality and the fact it is so different from my Subby,GMT and Dsssd. What would you choose?? Clive.
  5. Congratulations! Like you, I too prefer the design of the prior GMT over the ceramic model(s).
  6. My GMT II finally arrived! It is in very good condition for a 24 year old watch, although it is clear the watch has been polished, albeit lightly. I'd say the original lines are 90% intact. There is slight rounding around the lugs but I don't think it detracts from the overall aesthetic too much. The underside is still razor sharp. Maybe the lugs will bother me in 6 months or whatever, for the moment I am very happy with my purchase. Of two things I am certain: I am glad I did not go ceramic, and I'm glad I went for the licorice dial. I much prefer the dimensions and non-maxi style of the 16710. It fits my wrist perfectly. Maybe I'll get a pepsi bezel at some point in the future but I really love the understated look of the licorice bezel. Considering I own a modern Datejust, it was nice to get an older box and accessories. I was surprised at how much smaller the box is. But I was a bit peeved that it did not come with a proper watch pillow (just the outer Rolex sleeve); that's not the way I would have expected a e5000 watch to be transported. But the watch is fine, so no harm done. Without further ado here are some pics - just so you know it happened. Obligatory wrist-shots: Might as well take advantage of those sweet, sweet lug-holes:
  7. Hi Folks, I have some question to query expert there, thanks reply in advance. I see some photo from internet, I've see some pic the the colour of the hands of sub-dail is white, but I think normal are black. Are the hands are not original? or just fade out? Thank you
  8. Are you a frequent flipper, or looking for that 'one to keep'? Everyone says not to the swap, but I think you should go for it. If nothing else, at least to have a feel on how you'd like the Panerai long-term, or the design. Personally, I think the Panerai is way too big and a totally different style of watch compared to the Rolex
  9. Hello, I am considering purchasing this watch, does it seem legit? Below is the link to a review of the model with pictures to compare IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph Edition "JU-AIR" - in-depth watch review by ESCAPEMENT
  10. Dear all, A colleague of mine has an IWC that has suddenly started to advance one hour per day. Does anyone has experience and would recommend a watch workshop in Manila in the Philippines? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Who? Am I officially old? "He's just a witness"
  12. Sarah

    Buying a new IWC 3714

    Well, i do want to see the watch before i buy it so that rules out any online deals. but would it be alright to get a discount from ace, and then get VAT-refund? How much could i possibly get then? anyone in particular i should look for? Might hop down to amsterdam in the next few days..
  13. The Hour Glass is good also. J Farren last time I was there wouldnt discount much.
  14. Can someone explain why the 'Swiss' / 'Swiss made' mark is missing on original dials on certain models, especially before 1965 production ? It is a troubling phenomenon, especially if you are collecting original dials ! Thank you very much
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