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  1. It's the only Rolex I like, sold one to a Rolex fan who never heard of them. Became one of my best customers.
  2. This is a beautiful regal looking timepiece. It is very eye catching. The blue dial captures a lot of attention and IMO this watch will garner as much attention as a solid gold piece. Only you can decide if you are comfortable wearing it.
  3. KaHIjsa

    What is this IWC worth?

    Again, no evaluations done here.
  4. If you want a watch thats more 'exclusive' tha rolex..... 'as good as a rolex' than buy the IWC.......you will be hard pressed to see anyone in the wild wearing an IWC......IWC produces roughly 80000 watches per year to Rolexes apparent 1 million.... want to walk into the party with a dive watch on no one else has? IWC aquatimer 2000 want to walk into a party wearing the same watch as others go submariner......
  5. I was very interested in a 3714 at some point but couldn't stomach the asking price. I guess the name "portuguese "costs more to use...
  6. That's a difficult one that only you can decide really. I also think it depends on which other pilot you are considering. The Big Pilot is a true classic and fitting for a milestone in life. If you are happy with the size then personally I think the BP is the one to get. I was in the same sort of position as you and got myself a 3878 Spitfire as I feel that will stand the test of time for me. I did also buy a 3777 to wear as a 'general' watch and as much as I really like it, for me, it is not as special as the 3878. At the end of the day only you can make the final decision.
  7. KaHIjsa

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    Hi all, I would be glad if you could help me decide. I'm really into both Mark XII and XV, I currently own a 3706 and I think that Mark will pair up nicely with the chrono as it has some different elements in its functionality and design. So I just have to decide on which one to get... I want to hear your experiences and ideas on the movement, design, wrist presence, comfort, personal preferences, pros and cons, your reasons... I'm not effected by the trends, so I'm looking for a timeless decision. I'm 27 and I have a 7'' wrist, which one do you think would wear better on me? I'm scared that 36mm might be too small? And of course your photos would really work. Thanks!
  8. I would love a lead as well. CONUS for me. Thanks!
  9. Spitefire? lol You may be right. The Portuguese 3714 is priced at $7,900. It was at that price a year ago, before it went up over $8K in September.
  10. KaHIjsa

    Why IWC?

    The breadth of IWC is much better than Cartier's, specifically for men. The Cartier Tank is a classic and Cartier has been milking it for the last few decades but I find it stale and don't see the Tanks overly flexible for less formal/business wear. Cartier is making some great & interesting new watches but it's from their haute horlogerie operation and the prices are crazy. If you wany large watches (42mm and up) that communicate refined masculinity, IWC is your shop. And I find IWC watches to be able to fit more occasions as long as your wrist is large enough to wear them. IWC is not cheap either but more of their high quality watches are within reasonable reach.
  11. I can't comment on the watch itself but the the warranty cards are different. The one in the complete boxset picture is different to the close up one and has a different serial number on to the watch?
  12. Samun on ebay has nice Raketas. My little case big zero is from him. Runs great and is just as he described. One of these days I''ll get the black w/ white text version from him as well.
  13. Just find someone in the new North Korean time zone to sell it to.
  14. Come to think of it I might get Dafydd to attend to my 3133 too...
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