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  1. Here it is, and if anybody can tell from this picture any other info i'd appreciate it.
  2. Went in the shop to buy a black pelagos, came out with a Blue BB. Liked it so much got the red a few weeks later. The pelagos needs to be tried on. Personally I loved the look of it but it didn't look right on my wrist.
  3. I just sold my Pelagos 1st Gen. It was a really really nice watch. Only reason I sold it was because of the announcement of the new Pelagos with the in house movement. Based off of looks I would have to go with the 1st gen. However, looks are not that important to me...
  4. ^^ I really want to drive the last of the XR8's, they seem wicked fun. The last fast Aussie Ford I drove was the F6 Typhoon, loved it
  5. I am a Rolex kool-aid drinker, but out of those choices.....I say speedy.
  6. andrew shear is well known.
  7. I have 5 rollies currently, as listed in my sig, and have said goodbye to other models in the past. My two tone is my nicest piece in my opinion. The weight, the finish, that damn blue..... Dont be shy thats its blingy, its a damn Rolex, one of their few models that yells out, "look at me". It only yells out, it doesnt scream out, theres a big difference. Its a perfect watch, great choice man, looks great.
  8. LinNb

    Does this IWC seem legit?

    Many thanks for the tips, they help. I have contacted them and my idea is to meet and inspect the watch before I make any payment. Thanks
  9. Can someone refer me to an U.S. AD where I can get a good price on a IWA20869 Pilot Bracelet for my Spitfire Doppelchrono model IW371806? I would be interested in a used one in excellent condition as well. Thanks.
  10. Mine is still good .it does not get as much wear as I would like .it's no longer really on my rotation
  11. Looks great! Can i ask how big your wrists are? Im in the same position of wanting it so bad but worried of size.
  12. I suggest you post on the IWC official website forum (under "Experiences" tab). Lots of experts over there, including vintage.
  13. No idea. After you get the watch, just get a caliper and carefully measure all the relevant areas, and any custom strap maker will help guide you. Personally, though I am a strap junkie myself, I think that particular watch case is designed around that awesome bracelet--it's all one seamless whole and is perfectly executed in my opinion. But I suppose certain custom leathers, canvas, or exotic skins would look good with that blue dial, if done properly. I feel the same way about the new Tudor North Flag, which has a similar case design; to me the bracelet version of that watch looks much better than the notched strap. Of course all this is subjective personal taste.
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