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  1. As title, when will we see the new Rolex Submariner with the new 3255 caliber? Is it reasonable to see it next year?
  2. Yea, Im waiting for more pics... Thanks for the info
  3. Search the sellers forum here and on TRF. You will find all the information you need.
  4. If your daughter is attractive you would leave here a white dial Daytona. That is what all the female models and actresses wear. If not attractive, agreed, you could leave her one of the stodgier models.
  5. google "rolex bracelet repair" and you'll find a few other options in the states. MY does a good job.
  6. Thanks guys, I'm somewhat reassured. Currently I'm wearing it with one link removed and the Easylink extension opened. At the moment it sits fine, but most of the times it becomes quite tight due to wrist expansion during the day. I'm thinking of adding back the link to full length and closing the Easylink extension and move the springbar-adjustment inside the clasp to the tightest setting. Not sure if that will make it too loose again... Too bad there is no AD close to me that I can get to help me to get the right fit by trial and error. I have to say the bracelet is extremel
  7. Had this piece for a few months now. Solid and will stay permanently in my collection. Lume is solid and time is spot on. I'm not going to even go near the bracelet, as much as I'd like to throw this on a nato. The micro adjustments are a dream to use.
  8. You can go on TRF as there are a bunch of trusted sellers selling new to used and all kind of Rolex models.
  9. The bracelet on the mark 17, is it the same as the one on the mark 16 ?
  10. I really can't see nixing a watch over a movement, unless that movement is unreliable, inaccurate, not robust enough for my intended use, or too expensive for me to have properly serviced. IWC enhanced third party movements are anything but that. I can, however, see it if I wanted a complication a reliable third part doesn't produce or a watch with a display back. Call me a pragmatist I guess.
  11. QuEEits

    IWC Pilot Mark XII

    Yes, thats what im gonna do, still curious though..
  12. QuEEits

    IWC Pilot Mark XII

    I'm curious to know what's with the hands of they have been replaced and don't have lume (which the uneven patina would indicate so) Personally I'd stay away
  13. The 34mm actually looks good on your wrist. Although I feel that a 39mm would work too, as I think it's ok to have a large pilot watch. I think the way you envision to wear the Mark is perfect. For Hong Kong though, if you are not planning to get one on bracelet (not sure if bracelet is available for the 34mm version), I would recommend getting a high performance water proof leather or kevlar/rubber strap. Good luck on your decision!
  14. Fair enough. All I meant to say is that I'm perfectly fine with paying for a 2.5K watch with an ETA movement, provided it looks as nice as the Mark XVI.
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