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  1. Ouch...that's expensive. sorry to hear you damaged your bezel. After reading all the $numbers about the repair cost I'm very happy I have insurance for my watch who does cover damage to my watches even I cause them myself! Good luck with your repair.
  2. Frankie13

    Strap Lenght

    I'm looking to buy a planet ocean and did read that Omega sells the watch with an 42mm = 1 5/8" Case, 6" Adjustable Strap or 42mm = 1 5/8" Case, 7" Adjustable Strap! I don't know how important it will be to decide between the 6" or 7" adjustable Strap when placing my order? I also asked a question earlier today about the case size between the 42mm or XL ( 45mm) but no response so far! Please guys any help would be very nice! Thanks alot
  3. Nice looking watch, enjoy!!
  4. Super nice job, I didn't expect to see the ding be gone. Well spent money!! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I'm thinking of getting a PO with the orange bezel and would really like to have it with the orange leather or rubber strap. Should I buy the watch with the steel bracelet and get the OEM leather or rubber strap to change out the bracelet, or buy ride away with leather or rubber strap? I'm asking because the straps and buckle not that cheap but I really like the looks with leather or rubber. On the other hand I know from my Breitling that the leather only last for max 2-3 years before needs to be replaced and that's why I switched to a rubber a couple of month ago. What do you think or know about the durability of the Omega rubber or leather straps? Thanks a lot for any advise!!
  6. The LM does look more modern and is a beautiful watch! I really think my next watch is going to be a Omega PO.
  7. All the best for your wife and you!
  8. Hello everybody, Im thinking to buy a Seamaster Planet Ocean with the orange leather Bracelet but dont know what size. I tried the Breitling Super Ocean Heritage who has a 46mm case and liked the size of the case! I would appreciate any input on rather to go with the 42mm case or the XL. Like I said before I liked the 46mm Breitling but never saw or tried the Omega XL (45mm) and since I probably will order the watch it would be nice to get your opinions especially how the sizes will feel at the wrist. If you could post pics of your Planet Ocean as well that would be awesome! Thanks a lot in advance
  9. Frankie13

    New Omegas

    Are the new PO GMT's already hitting the sales floor since they just got released? I'm interested in the GMT with the orange bezel and hope it will come in 45mm as well. I will be new to Omega. I actually was thinking about the Explorer II white face but like the new GMT a lot.
  10. I was looking at the Omega homepage but the don't show the orange bezel GMT. When will this watch be available for the public? Thanks a lot for any info.
  11. Did they show any new models like new GMT?
  12. Breitlings Super Ocean started everything for me in 2000. Sold the watch about 2 years ago and still miss her. Big mistake!
  13. Tried the blue and orange at the boutique and didn't sing to me. I'm waiting to see the orange one which was always my favorite anyway.
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