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    Squint Omega Watch

    This should help http://vimeo.com/8723791
  2. Sorry got that wrong, the quote was £410 including VAT
  3. I've just sent my moon phase Speedy to them. For a service, repair of Moon phase/date not working, new bezel and tachy insert they have quoted me ~ £450. I hope they remove the scratches as part of the service!! 10 week turn around, fingers crossed!! Hope this helps
  4. i've just bought a Hirsch Leonardo in blue and am waiting for an Omega Buckle from an AD. Cost is about £50 in total ~$75
  5. Too Old


    This has probably been asked before, but being new I would like peoples opinions!! O mee ga? O may ga? Ohm egga?
  6. Too Old

    Speedy leather strap

    I couldn't find the right strap that I wanted for my speedy, ie Blue leather with curved ends. I eventually got a buckle from Leslie Davis and a Hirsch Leonardo strap. Just the job!!
  7. £1 might get you a slice of toast now!!
  8. Link to the results of this auction held yesterday. http://auctionata.com/en/s/82/tourbi...atches#objects
  9. I've just taken my 5085/1A in for service at the PP Salon in New Bond St. The quote is: 1. Service and overhaul the mechanism including the replacement of basic movement parts as necessary, including crown, cleaning, lubrication and regulation. Replacement of the case seals. £840.00 2. Pendant tube, to supply and fit as necessary (worn).* No Charge 3. Valet the case and bracelet to best possible condition.* £215.00 Total (inc VAT) £1,055.00 Turn around is expected to be 16 weeks. I don't think that's too unreasonable for a watch with complications.
  10. According to google that model number watch is a quartz
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