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  1. My wrist is 6.4 inches and think the GMTII looks fine on me. When one looks for wrist shots, it's better to have it zoom out a bit to give a better perspective on fit. When you have the shot so tight, there may be lug overhang or close to it but actually it looks fine.
  2. a local watch guy here recently used Gray and sons, they did an excellent job. There's also a guy in downtown LA that the local repair shops use, but he only works wholesale for repair shops, no retail.
  3. might point out that camo nato is not the one that comes with the watch. great pics
  4. Welcome to the forums! Onlygo vintage if you have experience with vintage watches. Otherwise, pay a bit more and go for a modern watch.
  5. I think I see what you mean about the cyclops. Regardless of the angle, the bottom of the date window doesn't seem to be quite parallel with the bottom of the cyclops. That said, I don't think it would bother me, personally. It'd presumably be easy to fix for the service center -- I'd imagine the crystal just needs to be rotated a teeny bit then re-seated. If you have an RSC down the block, it might be worth it, but it's certainly not something I myself would send the watch away for.
  6. here's my beauty. I love the machined bezel in particular.
  7. I have the everose daytona with chocolate dial, on black alligator strap. It gets the least wrist time due to it's limited capability - can't go in shower, in pool, on boat, to beach - and i can't tell you how much i miss the cyclops eye showing me the date on all my other watches. it's just sometime inconvenient is all i'm saying. I can put it on a rubber b - and actually i heard everest strap is better - so that's a simple option. BUT - WHAT I'D LIKE: Spend $5k-7k for the everose bracelet and have the option of wearing it "all gold". Can this be done? Has anyone ever seen it done? I pu
  8. I have been looking around for a vintage Airman for awhile now and came across this on eBay. Posting says that it is a " 1962 Rolex 5500 Super Precision ", but after some googling I can't seem to find another one with this configuration. Is it worth the $1800 that is has been listed for?
  9. Hi Guys, I am wondering if any of the watch experts out there could give me some information/ guidance regarding what a couple of the components within the movement do. I am a big Rolex fan although only in the very early stages of understanding all the details behind the movement etc. The watch is a GMT Master 2 (2011) and it is in for service at the moment. I have been told that the following needs replacing; Oscillating WeightAuto BridgeCrown I am really interested to know what each of the parts does and also what could cause them to need replacing? Thanks in advance for y
  10. Thanks. I got into cameras so I could take decent pictures of watches. It ended up turning into a second hobby. I shot this picture fairly recently: Alaska is a great place to own a camera. My home town:
  11. Excellent and engaging review! Congratulations on the new watch, and thanks for taking the time to post.
  12. I'm quite smitten with it. 100m, their new In-house movement. It's great.
  13. I collect a lot of Omega's and Rolexes. My advice to you is that if someone is offering you a Datejust or GMT II for £1000, you better run. It's either stolen or fake.. Getting a new Rolex is a better option. More piece of mind. Too many fakes floating around to risk even £5000 on a used Submariner
  14. Picked this 3717 up recently. Love the size and layout quite a bit more than my previous 3777's. Also, the "top gun" kevlar strap from IWC is amazing. Thick and durable, but extremely comfortable. Hands down the best Pilot's chronograph combo on the market.
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