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  1. The world is awash in 'dress watch' styles in all kinds of price ranges. If you've zeroed in on Rolex as your choice, and a 34mm stainless steel 6694 fills the need, then, at least in my opinion, this watch passes a lot of tests from a good seller at a fair price. If this strains your budget, then you might look at the Tudor Prince Date model...same factory,same size, same case, automatic ETA movement and less money. But, Tudor isn't Rolex, so you get to choose.
  2. This is why we always advise 'buy the seller', as unfortunate incidents like this can often lead to the owner being left feeling 'short changed'. The 'fault' lies with the internet seller who appears to have 'serviced' (and I use this term loosely) the watch. This is one of the risks you take when you purchase grey market. As the old saying goes, 'you pays your money.....'
  3. Been a long time since Ive posted, as Im primarily just a reader until I get into watch buying mode every couple years. I wanted to share with everyone a short review and a few photos of my most recent purchase, an IWC 7-Day Portuguese, in an effort to give back to this great community since I benefited greatly from the reviews and commentary on this watch available on these forums before purchasing. By way of background, this is my first IWC, and I traded in my Omega Planet Ocean and Breitling Navitimer plus some cash in order to get my hands on this one. I couldnt be happier with this tr
  4. Morse

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    This is most definitely a style used by IWC in the late 90's and early 2000's. It's the GST chrono. It's not a pilots watch. Now there should be writing/engraving on the back of the watch. I'm not sure if it's not there because it's titanium. But my father has this GST and stainless silver and it is all present.
  5. I think the paratrooper watch is an example of the (in)famous Chinese Komandirskie knockoff. Even without the movement shot, the 1-piece caseback and the small crown are key indicators. The red-dialed watch with the sub-seconds looks to be another Pobeda, with the "eda" of the name remaining legible.
  6. (Lada Niva X Vostok Amphibia)=Bulletproof+Cool
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies. Interesting that it seems to be a commonly heard noise. Does anyone have an idea as what it actually is? Sounds to my untrained ear as though 'something' is swinging too far and banging on a 'something' else. While I can understand a strong running mechanism (a good thing) may be the underlying cause, could this actually be doing gradual damage if a component is continually hitting something it wasn't intended to? (Apologies for the naivety of my question)
  8. i like the black dial more... but i heard that they r a bit pricey .. what about the price in the shop ?
  9. I tried to be helpful and I do think I was helpful telling you that your watch is not a A. Lange & Söhne. The other thing is - and I am not talking about the strap - that in the first post your watch clearly has a pusher right to the crown. In your second post the pusher................vanished. How come ? Watch with pusher other watch without pusher Anyway, both are mutated pocket watches.
  10. Arabianbusiness hah that pretty much says it all
  11. They are very nice pieces (I saw them in Japan) but frankly not without interesting competition at the price.
  12. I just received a BY2000-55W which I bought from a jeweler site in Greece. I had read elsewhere that 55E only received the German RC transmitter, but 55W worked in lots of countries including the USA. The tag on the watch says 55W, but the instruction booklet (Caliber H162) says it only received the German transmitter. In fact it doesn't sync in California, sitting in the same window that works fine for my other Citizen RC and several other RC watches. Also, it seems like an enormous challenge to set manually. I played with it for an hour and it's still not set. My other Citizen RC watch
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