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  1. y'know, these wrists shots aren't that helpful. I think that it's not the size of your wrist alone that determines how well a watch fits... A bulging forearm and biceps could support that watch even with a thin wrist. we need to see the whole package to really know for sure.... the shots you're giving us are skewed by perspective and a bit of an optical illusion... just looking at the wrist ...yeah looks big. But when you look in the mirror, I'm sure it looks great...I've seen skinny guys with 49mm breitlings and various other large fashion watches..and they all seem to pull them off...
  2. I think that he got sucked into the James Bond thing...I remember him and his Brother at the Quantum of Solace London premiere both wearing the official James Bond watch.
  3. Any thoughts? Whereas Rolex has kept us guessing about modifications to existing Models, Omega seems to give us something completely new each time (eg the Hour Vision) However the new Liquid Metal PO has my mouth watering... So what do you think it will be? Will the SMP get the liquid metal treatment? I would looove to see that in the classic blue... Maybe a more complicated hour vision? or further expansion of the Planet Ocean line?
  4. THANK YOU... LOOOOVE that Aqua terra annual calender -- But I agree, the rest is quite a disappointment... Where's our PO GMT?? Where's the liquid metal SMP? I hope that there's more to come... SO far that AT is the only thing that interests me...
  5. loving the Rolex stuff, but need my Omeeeega fix
  6. I've been to a handful of Ads, most recently in Vegas, and none of the clerks had even HEARD of the Liquid metal PO... I'm pretty a sure a member on these boards already has one, and posted some wrist shots a few months ago... THIS is one sexy watch...it's kind of upsetting to have to choose between this and the sub though, but really, how many black dial black bezel stainless steel watches can you have??
  7. With Omega you'll do well. I was just in Vegas, every dealer was big on the SHipping out to save taxes - personally I've never been to wild about that...if you can't wear it out it kills much of the experience for me.. But anyway...there are dealers every ten steps in Vegas...little to no budging on Rolex.. At Wynn and co I was offered 20% off an Alange and sohne at the forum shops in Caesar's there is a shop just past the tourneau that has Omega, piaget, Zeneth, Baume, Tag, and glushutte...they had a clearance section ...a ROSEGOLD Deville X2 was offered for $6000!! (MSRP is abit over $13000 on that)...I still can't believe that I passed on it! so anyway - you'll have a blast there, as long as you aren't set on a Rolex...
  8. WHOA....those DeVilles are fabulous... I think that they could easily share a display case with the Breguets and PPs I have to say Omega is really pulling ahead of Rolex for me...

    Nice Combo

    Sorry, it's a thumbs down for me...love the seamaster, just not the NATO
  10. I can't believe I'm saying this...but that Ploprof is really growing on me!!
  11. all of the Omega annual calender watches are set to August 8th.. is there any deeper significance?
  12. Almost makes up for Buzz Aldrin's Dancing with the Stars... Almost.
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