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  1. Not too bad for "The Jubilee Droop'.
  2. Fits you very well indeed - great pictures too!
  3. Hi Sys, We're a North Texas Tudor dealer but we'd be happy to get you a watch in California ASAP. Which watches were you considering? As an aside, please check out our recent North Flag review and our Tudor Buyer's Guide.
  4. Let's use this thread to present our purchases rather than starting new threads all the time. I 'll start. My last one is a OP, 36 mm, pre-owned.
  5. It is a ridiculous notion; people should buy what they like, and not conjure up reasons to do otherwise.
  6. My wife has ordered me not one.....but TWO cases from this company.....full review when they arrive.... borrowed pic
  7. Congratulations on an excellent watch. Very well done. Wear it in good health. BTW, the new bracelet is fantastic. I have it on my new 3777 (Classic Chronograph). I've posted some photos of the new bracelet in this thread.
  8. NJeshid


    Hi. I have inherited two watches, both IWC. Both are fairly old I believe. Can anyone shed any light on if they are genuine, age etc? Thanks in advance!
  9. It appears that strap led a long and interesting life. Alas, it's time to gently remove the buckle and humanely deposit the strap in the trash. After a suitable mourning period, get yourself a new strap. My condolences.
  10. If you're going brown, why not try the Santoni strap? Congrats btw...
  11. About 6 weeks ago I visited a Tourneau store in a very nice mall to peruse the watch selection. A few brands (JLC, IWC, Blancpain)stuck out above the rest, one model being the MK XVII. I immediately loved the convex crystal, and the intense contrast of the white numerals on the black dial. I tried it on and the 41mm case fit my large wrist handsomely. The casework was flawless, especially the finely beveled edges, and, to my surprise, I liked the vertical date alignment. I did try on a Tudor Ranger and Hydronaut but they paled by comparison. The IWC dial just 'glowed' in appearance. So, I took of my Breitling Colt 44 and reached a trade agreement with the salesperson. The MK XVII left on my wrist wear it has remained, running within 2 seconds a day ever since. I love the attention to detail on this watch! Way to go IWC.
  12. Couldn't agree more, nothing is like the gen ss bracelet. Would you please share more info? A web-link would be great. I cannot find where I can purchase the spare bracelet on line. Thank you!
  13. Well... just for the record: When the second hand points up, it's the start of a new minute. When the minute hand points up, it's the start of a new hour. When the hour hand points up, it's the start of a new day. Therefore, midnight should be at the top of the dial.
  14. Yes Comrades! The Soviet Moon Watch is quite real! It's a simple manual wind, but what is the deal? It played no small part in two Soviet Moon missions travelling the Moon's surface under extreme conditions for more than 40 klicks; yet its glory was stolen by fancier swiss pieces whose price has been swollen! Amazingly enough it's on the Moon still far longer than any Speedmaster ever will! It's not on a dead cosmonaut's wrist, don't you worry but deserves its own piece of horological glory No Strela or Sturmanskie has ever flown that far in any space mission of the USSR! My poetry is bad, my vodka ran out, But the story is true beyond a shadow of a doubt! You can get one for less than 100 US Come, Comrades: What is it? I'm sure you can guess!
  15. Thank you so much for the advice. Greatly appreciated.
  16. Lightning 3602 beginning of the 2000th by request of the Kazakhstan Parliament. So-called limitka.
  17. Nice photos, mchap! What an adorable little boy!
  18. boris_gvb on ebay makes the bezel that I use
  19. 50-th Anniversary was widely celebrated. Apparently the President of Tatarstan presented all veterans of his republic with the watches. One of my late relatives got ones from his former employer which happen to be KGB. But nothing special, just standard ones with commemorative logo on the dial. They might be somewhere around in my moms old place. I should look for them when in Moscow.
  20. .. I have had success removing uncured out of round dots, etc. on the dial with a Q-tip dampened with rubbing alcohol. I also use this to final clean the areas to receive lume prior to installation. Hands can be cleaned and mistakes removed the same way. Be careful with this kind of cleaning and try to keep it to a minimum. Use water if your lume is water based as a few are, I believe. You could also use the thinner supplied with some lume kits, too, I suppose. Read the tutorial in Karsten's post carefully. One additional trick I use is placing each hand to be lumed firmly on a sharpened round wooden toothpick, topside up. I can then, holding the toothpick in two fingers of my left hand, manipulate it into a perfect positon to have the lume applied to the underside of the hand. Applying lume from underneath reduces the chance of lume oozing through the slot from its own weight onto the face of the hand, the most common defect found on re-lumed hands. A completed hand can remain on a toothpick, stuck in a ball of rodico to dry. To me an "out-of-round" dot is worse than one slightly smaller or bigger. I would definitely practice your technique on a flat test surface if you don't have any spare dials. Good luck!
  21. Congrats on your recent buys, do you always do a lot of bulk buying in your house lol
  22. Are there any dealers/botiques in New York City.
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