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  1. It really depends on lighting. When I publish the full review, the variety of angles and so on will give you a greater range of colors, although in real life, with ordinary overhead lighting and so on, I'd say it's a hair darker blue than this. It really pops in the photos. Still, it's a very blue watch, studio lighting or not. Yes, they all come with this bracelet plus the blue strap plus an extender. Personally I think it looks better on the strap but the bracelet is really nice. It has to be one of the most complex clasps in the business.
  2. I love it when people don't even take the time to read the OP
  3. Cool ! For the record I've set a 22 mm Isofrane on it, it fits well as its quite flexible and I kind of prefer the wider strap but that's just me.
  4. I am not a fan of third party straps. But if you like, I think a blue strap or a strap with blue accents will be nice. Pure black is too plain.
  5. Blue is nice but the grey is really cool, I'd go for that.
  6. Leon

    New North Flag

    The strap was US$180 the signed buckle was US$255.
  7. Not mine, but The New Isofrane post #321, credit to member THG: I don't instantly love it. The lugs & case on the BB are so thick/tall, and the non-tapering Isofrane is too wide everywhere except the lugs. Cheap trial and error isn't a bad idea. On paper, I think a 2-piece strap that tapers in width and has the right thickness at the springbars would be best. Maybe a custom jobby from Gunny straps, etc. Start with forum sponsors Share pics!
  8. Do you have any idea of how much this would cost? Interested in getting it done.
  9. Leon

    New 5513

    Very nice example, congrats!
  10. Functionality will not be affected. Most collectors will not see the upgrade from a twinlock to a triplelock crown as a value detractor at all. Many of these watches have needed a new crown and tube, and the triplock is a superior crown/tube. IMHO, a new crown/tube is akin to upgrading a 9315 bracelet to a 93150. Sure the original would be nice, but the fact of the matter is that the upgrade is better. Don't sweat it IMHO
  11. Here is the link: IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Alcyone001/1953 Limited Edition | eBay Mod, if my post is off WUS regulations plz delete or move it! Thx, Robert
  12. it is a full size. Possibly the angle distorts the overall impression. The Mark XVII does wear quite large due to no bezel and a large dial.
  13. Hello All! I have recently acquired a vintage IWC. I love the watch and the design but i am concerned that the watch is a redial. It would be great if anyone could assist me with making this decision as I am fairly inexperienced in this field! If anyone knows any further details on the watch I would also be extremely grateful! Thank you in advance!
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